Top 5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Attractiveness

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I know what you’re telling yourself right now, the best way to improve attractiveness is to improve the amount of zeros that follows the first number in your bank account. Yeah, that’s probably still safe to say, but even if you’re rolling in the money, you still may need help improving those physical qualities that women look for. These traits can carry more weight in the dating game than your wallet.

Please remember, being confident and being your authentic self is the most attractive quality a man can have. It can even get you attention and dates way out of your league. This article is not full of tips to change the basis of who you are, that’s never a good thing. No, this article is full of helpful tips that can improve on the qualities you already have to make you a better you. We’re just providing proven tips that can improve your attractiveness with women or men (we’re not judging). Use the information below to improve your irresistible charm to make you a more attractive man.

TIP #5


If you want to see more action on the weekends, you’ll need to step up your physical routine during the week days.  Studies show that women looking for a fling, tend to gravitate toward muscular males, but don’t overdo it.  Most women prefer toned, lean, cut bodies, not overly muscular bodies; think Reggie Bush versus John Cena.

Suggestion: Get a gym membership, mix up cardio and strength training to ensure a lean look. Don’t have a gym membership? Then develop a home workout routine.

TIP #4


Studies conducted in California and New Zealand, found that women’s preference (in regards to men’s physical appearance) when shown photos of men with varying amounts of body hair,always gave higher ranking scores to the men with less and less body hair. If you were hesitant about grooming below the neck, or if you thought that being hairless in certain areas, was not manly, think again! Most men remove unwanted hair in what is considered the deal breaker zones; back, shoulders and stomach. Whatever your reason is, just know that very few people ever complain about a man not having enough body hair.

Suggestion: If you have the money and can stand the pain, find an esthetician and book a waxing appointment.  For a pain free long term effect, use SmoothTechPro, hair removal for men!

TIP #3


Smell is one of the key senses that women unconsciously use to select their mates. There is a delicate balance that must be achieved, because there are natural pheromones that are inherent in men and women that create that animal magnetism.  Less is more in this case; you’ll want to make sure that your choice of cologne doesn’t overwhelm your intended subject. 

Suggestion: Use a light fragrance; men sometimes make the mistake of going with a heavy musk scent that can be overwhelming to all. We suggest Dolce & Gabbana original for nights or Dolce & Gabbana Light-Blue for the day.

TIP #2


A very fine woman once told me, that clothes really make the man. She, like other fine women, tend to look at a man’s shoes and watch and if neither is on point, then its game over for that guy (their decision is already made).  Women pre-judge just like we do, so it’s always best to present your finest self and that typically means a clean look and a fresh outfit.  In study after study, V shaped bodies are deemed more attractive by women.  Select clothes that are tailored to your newly toned body (from all of the exercise you have now worked into your weekly routine) and or select clothes that give you that V-shape illusion until your body is in that ultimate desired place (if there is such a place?). Also invest in a nice watch and a pair of sport, casual and dress shoes. Clean those shoes regularly to preserve their life and ensure you’re literally putting your best foot forward.

Suggestion: If you have the budget, consult with a high-end department store rep that will pick the right clothes for your current and future body type. The service is free but unfortunately the clothes are not. You can also consult a friend or acquaintance you feel has fashion style for tips.  If you don’t have the time to consult friends and personal reps,  join a monthly clothing club like Five Four |Club Trunk Club or Trendy Butler.

Tip #1


Bad breath, butt breath, halitosis whatever you call it, it’s a no go. You can look the part; smell great but as soon as you open your mouth, if she detects any foul odor all bets are off. I don’t care how good your game is or how silver your tongue is, if it is preceded by dragon breath you will send every girl running for the hills and your reputation will suffer. Make sure your breath is not associated with any chronic issues which mean germs, and be prepared for the occasional undesirable odors left in your mouth after a certain meal and or alcohol.

Suggestion: Brush your teeth at least twice a day, scrape your tongue regularly and floss at least once a day to prevent chronic breath problems. Schedule regular dental cleanings, use mouthwash and travel with gum or mints for those emergency situations. You can also carry a small travel size toothpaste so you can finger brush or squirt in a crisis moment.

These 5 tips can make the difference in your social calendar being fully booked or having as many holes in it as a piece of Swiss cheese. If you like this story please share and tag us @smoothtechpro.

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