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Since our original blog “The Art of Men’s Body Hair Removal” was such a success, we decided to elaborate more on the topic. No matter what your removal method of choice; (Shaving, waxing, depilatories or other) here are some more important facts you should know to improve your body hair removal regimen.

SmoothTech Pro has put together a list of facts you may or may not be aware of.  . Whatever your preference happens to be, these key pre and post hair removal tips will improve your body hair removal experience.



No matter if you shave, wax or use a depilatory cream, the effect of removing hair also involves some form of exfoliation. This means the removal of old dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin. Most men have slightly dehydrated skin, so this process tends to dry out the skin even more especially if your method of choice is shaving.

SmoothTech Pro Advice: If you’re going to remove hair we recommend using some sort of moisturizer before and immediately following the removal of hair. Make sure to purify your skin prior to applying a moisturizer. Also make sure that your moisturizer is free of synthetic dyes, fragrance and other known skin enemies as this is the stage where your skin is its most vulnerable.



Your skin is its most vulnerable immediately following a hair removal session. In fact for the first 72 hours (immediately following a hair removal session), it’s important to tend to your skin to prevent or manage irritation, breakouts and other skin issues. The majority of men understand the importance of aftercare for facial hair removal, yet don’t have a post body hair removal routine. Even if you don’t experience any irritation, breakouts and or other skin issues, the effects of the hair removal process is still effecting the quality of your skin. In fact having NO aftercare routine can actually add to your skin’s aging process, especially if you have dehydrated skin. It’s important to stop the premature aging of your skin which will help slow down or eliminate skin issues men typically face.

SmoothTech Pro AdviceDevelop a post body hair removal routine. One great product we recommend is Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil. Initially used for cooking, this product is all natural and is great for hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Another product to consider is REDUCE ST2. This product works with all hair removal methods (shaving, waxing, depilatories and others). It immediately helps heal and hydrate the skin. It also helps stimulate new collage (skin cells) to replenish that exfoliated outermost layer of skin that was removed during the hair removal process. The game changing benefit of REDUCE ST2 is that it also helps inhibit the regrowth process. Hair grows in 3 phases and the ACTIVE hair growth phase is the only phase that can be effected by either laser or clinically proven ingredients found in REDUCE ST2. Unlike laser, REDUCE ST2is safe on all skin tones and all hair colors (laser is not effective on darker skin and light hair).



Shaving is probably the most popular method of removing body hair yet it is completely INEFFECTIVE. Reason is the hair is removed at the skin surface level which means the slightest amount of regrowth is going to result in stubble. You will always achieve longer lasting results by removing hair below the skin. Best below the skin methods are depilatories and waxing. Most depilatories last about a week, and waxing if you can stand the pain, will typically last 2 to 3 weeks.  A longer term solution is laser hair removal but many people do not realize that the electrolysis is only effective on certain phases of hair growth. Hair grows in 3 phases; Anagen (active growth phase), Catagen (transition phase) and Telogen (resting phase) so laser treatment DOES NOT work on the hair in its resting phase. You must have several laser sessions (around 5 to 7) to realize the benefits which can be costly

SmoothTech Pro Advice: We recommend switching to a method that removes hair below the skin like SmoothTech Pro. We developed SmoothTech Pro to have the ease and use of a depilatory combined with the longer results typically achieved via waxing and laser. Like laser, our REDUCE ST2 treats the hair at the root and works by disrupting the chemical connection of the hair womb. Unlike laser, our system works on all skin tones and all hair colors so we have no limitations. It’s the only system that offers pre and post hair removal solutions. For people that have extremely sensitive skin you can use PREVENT as a pre and post hair removal treatment. Use it just prior to your hair removal session to neutralize the skin prior to applying ELIMINATE ST1.  After your hair removal session apply PREVENT to help eliminate ingrown hair immediately after rinsing, drying and applying REDUCE ST2 to soothe reduce and purify skin.



This is probably the most import step to preventing irritation, bumps and ingrown hair, yet for some reason most men do not have a post body hair removal regimen. Just like your facial skin, your body skin is most vulnerable right after a hair removal session, especially if you wax or use a depilatory that exposes your pores. You need to soothe the skin and bring back its natural hydration levels. Some of the key mistakes men unknowingly make are using certain products that contain dyes, fragrances or harsh alcohols on the skin right after hair removal. This can lead to further dehydration of the skin which can lead to irritation, bumps and ingrown hair.

3 Core benefits of having a post hair removal treatment:

  1. Has a soothing effect on the skin.
  2. Can arrest trauma & help skin heal faster.
  3. Hygienic benefits; keeps the skin pores clean & bacteria-free. This helps prevent skin issues including acne

SmoothTech Pro Advice: Rinse after your hair removal session to cool and cleanse the skin, especially if your method is shaving. Shaving can clog the pores which can cause irritation and skin issues. Next use a post hair removal product to health the skin like REDUCE ST2 which also has multiple added benefits; stimulates new collagen, hydrates the skin and helps reduce new regrowth. If you have ultra-sensitive skin and or are prone to ingrown hair, you’ll want to also use an additional tool like PREVENT which is a professional grade tool designed to help eliminate major skin issues from blackheads, ingrown hair and body acne.

Remember, not all skin and hair is created equally, so experiment with different methods that fit your lifestyle. Just remember for long term benefits and the overall look and feel of your skin, shaving (although the most convenient and economical) is NOT the way to go. You’re better off going to an esthetician if you can afford the pain and expense, not to mention any potential embarrassment. Waxing has the best effects (when done by a qualified professional) but there are new solutions like SmoothTech Pro, that can give you salon like results in the privacy and comfort of your home. And the best benefits, its quick easy and pain free.


There’s no time like the NOW. If you’re suffering from dry dehydrated skin or worse, body acne white heads and black heads, the window to correct these issues is NOW.  A lot of these issues can be easily resolved with a few tweaks to your routine and in some cases just the implementation of a routine (some people just don’t like to bathe?).  The 3 most common reason men have skin issues after body hair removal is as follows;

  1. Using the wrong products.- A lot of skin issues are caused by using the wrong products (products that contain ingredients known to be harsh on men’s skin).
  2. No Post hair removal routine.- Not having a post hair removal routine exposes your skin to potential contaminants because your pores are exposed.
  3. Rinsing with hot water- Hot water can diminish your natural oils, drying your skin

SmoothTech Pro Advice: Take a quick rinse with warm water to prep both the hair and your skin right before your hair removal session. If you’re only removing hair from small body parts, you can use a warm moist towel to cover those areas as an alternative to hopping in the shower. Gently dry off the area then proceed to the next step. Make sure it’s warm water not too hot as hot water can strip moisture away from the skin. Next hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Drinking water will also help the skin, your largest organ’s appearance.



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