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One of the more popular questions we get from new prospective customers, is what kit should they select. Even though we provide a survey that matches the best products and selects the right kit for an individual’s hair and skin situation, new customers still want to know what is the difference between the 3 kits; 2-Step, 2-Step Advanced and Complete Kit.  We’ve put together the benefits and strengths of each kit to clarify the differences, so you can make the best choice for your hair removal regimen.


Our 2-STEP KIT is our 2-Step Core system with built in skin therapy. Real hair removal is really about the skin, so we based our core system on the 4 principles of an elite waxing esthetician which are as follows;


  1. Clean and prep the skin
  2. Create a barrier for the skin so the wax (doesn’t damage the skin) only adheres to the hair
  3. Treat and remove hair at the root
  4. Clean, disinfect and hydrate the skin POST hair removal and in between removal sessions.

What we learned is that most waxing estheticians and hair removal solutions (laser, shaving, men’s depilatory creams) in general, either don’t believe in or don’t implement the 4th principle.

That’s where we decided to focus on. We also learned that the PH level for men’s skin was essential to a successful hair removal session and overall skin health. This is why our core system is packed with tons of skin care ingredients designed to hydrate and bring the skin back to a neutral PH level (not too acidic or too alkaline). This is so important because most of the issues men face are post hair removal. This is due to an out of whack PH level caused by archaic methods (old formulated depilatory creams that are too acidic) and waxing techniques not specific to men. Men’s skin is its most vulnerable right after a hair removal session for the next 72 hours, so having NO after care solution is just not an option for an optimum hair removal system. Our Step 2 REDUCE ST2, is our game changer.  It’s a pre and post solution that soothes, hydrates the skin while simultaneously stimulates new collagen (any type of hair removal exfoliates the outer layer of skin, so you need to replenish that layer with healthy new collagen) and helps reduce new regrowth. This helps eliminate irritation, bumps and ingrown hair for fine to combination type hair only.

2-STEP KIT is recommended for:

Skin Type: Normal

Hair Type: Fine to Combination

Not recommended for: Sensitive skin, Ingrown hair issues, back hair removal, coarse hair.



We wanted to address all of the pain points in terms of men’s hair removal and two of the biggest pain points for men are removing back hair and preventing or eliminating ingrown hair. This advance kit specifically addresses those two concerns with our two power tools; the WINGMAN and THE EXFOLIATOR. When asked, men said they preferred an at-home solution but most of those solutions did not offer unassisted back hair removal. We wanted to change the game, so we developed the WINGMAN which is a back applicator that allows men to remove their own back hair unassisted. We also assembled this kit to address specific needs like thick coarse hair which we know can be difficult to remove and manage. For this we actually sourced an existing professional grade exfoliating cloth that previously was only available to high end salons. We made a deal and now we offer it in our 2-Step Advanced and Complete kit options. Using THE EXFOLIATOR 2x time a week will help soften coarse hair and polish the skin to improve it’s look and feel. This will also help to eliminate ingrown hair


2-STEP ADVANCED KIT is recommended for:

Skin Type: Normal

Hair Type: Fine to Combination, Thick Coarse

Not recommended for: Sensitive skin,



This is the Ferrari of all of the kits. It’s our ultimate solution for men’s hair removal to address EVERY SINGLE pain point associated with hair removal including the ones you may not even be aware of.  It’s also an anti-aging and skin corrector kit. That’s right our Performance Enhancers can help dial back the clock, while it helps correct and prevent skin issues; face and body acne, dry skin, scars, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, the list goes on. Our Performance Enhancers include PREVENT an Ingrown and blemish prevention tool and SCRUB a vitamin rich anti-oxidant body wash engineered to bring the skin back to it’s natural hydration level (neutral PH level). Both products contain collagen firming ingredients to keep the skin tight and healthy. This kit was originally assembled for body builders with the help of Flex Wheeler and Danny Hester, two Mr. Olympia athletes. It is designed to remove hair effectively and use the Performance Enhancers to bring the skin to its optimum level to be displayed on the big stage.

This kit is virtually full proof so if you’ve ever had a bad depilatory or waxing experience you need to try and purchase the Complete Kit. You’ll be amazed at the results and your faith in men’s hair removal will be forever restored. See we’ve done our homework and through our research we discovered and addressed ALL issues associated with pre and post hair removal. An additional post hair removal issue we discovered is caused by using men’s body wash after a hair removal session. Most men’s products (manufactured by large corporations) still contain known skin irritants like synthetic dyes and fragrances not to mention, paraben, sulfates and other harsh chemicals. Users that apply a typical men’s body wash after a waxing, shaving, depilatory or laser session, escalated their chances of irritation considerably by introducing these known skin irritants. Our SCRUB eliminates that risk especially when used immediately after a hair removal session (no matter what the removal method is) because its FREE and CLEAR of all skin enemies. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants to nourish and hydrate the skin. It also stimulates new collagen to again replenish that exfoliated outer layer of dead skin that is removed from any type of hair removal method. This is one of the main reasons we recommend this kit to all 1st time users to eliminate any chance of a skin reaction which again is usually caused by known skin irritants not associated with the hair removal product. After a hair removal session, the skin and pores are now exposed and if the first introduction to the skin and pores is a body wash that is NOT free and clear, your chances of having issues increases dramatically. Even if you don’t notice the adverse effects on the skin, we’ve discovered that these products typically dry out your skin in the long run which leads to other issues.

If you have sensitive skin and or ingrown hair, then our PREVENT is a must. It’s also a pre and post solution that polishes the dermis, exfoliates the skin so regrowth can exit more easily and corrects blemishes, scars and other skin defects. It’s professional grade and is based off an award-winning formulation. We actually have a separate group of customers that only by SCRUB, PREVENT and REDUCE ST2 for their skin and never purchase our removal lotion. REDUCE ST2 is also great for facial and head shaving members which we have a lot of as well. That’s why this kit is labeled “Hair Removal + Skin Care Kit”


COMPLETE KIT is recommended for:  All 1st time users

Skin Type: All skin types (normal, dry, sensitive)

Hair Type: All hair types (fine, combination, coarse)

Not recommended for: men with psoriasis, eczema or ultra-sensitive skin  


Check out our latest release: REFRESH N GO a full body cleansing cloth the largest in it’s category and the only medical grade cloth on the market. It removes sweat, dirt and body odor. It also revives the skin with natural fruit extracts to give you that fresh out of the shower feeling. It’s another game changer.

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Let’s face it I’ve been pretty lucky with the ladies pretty much my entire life. I literally have may say and my pick when it comes to someone I have interest in. Over the years I noticed that I do 5 things that always make my first dates successful allowing me the choice to set up date #2. I’m going to pass along these 5 tips to put your dating game into high gear.


It’s all about setting the mood and this requires the perfect ambience. Do yourself a favor and research 5 locations that you preferably frequent ahead of time. Why five you ask? Not every date is going to like the same cuisine so you should have choices.

Keys to location:

–          Atmosphere should mirror your lifestyle

–          Must have an X factor, something unique; view, presentation, servers, music the WOW factor.

–          Noise level should be reasonable, can’t be too loud. Remember the first date you really should   be getting to know your date so a loud location would only be a detractor (what was that? Lol). You get the message.


Be the aggressor and take control (in a respectful way). Ask your date, “what do you typically like or more importantly what don’t you like”? Find these two things out and then ask permission to be in charge of the ordering process. Make certain suggestions that you know are winners and have the wow factor. Now a days everyone has a little Foodie in them so if you’re able to introduce some new dishes to your date that you know will become favorites, you will score some major points.

Keys to knowing the menu:

–          Get to know the chef and see if you can modify a signature dish

–          Know the signature dishes and desserts, every chef has their favorites

–          Learn how to pair, it’s so impressive to see your date take complete control over the food, wine, spirits and desserts.


To guarantee that will make a serious impression and get some quality time in, tell your date that you have the day all planned out. Activities, dinner and an after spot. If they agree, this is a big deal as it shows that they are interested enough to carve out a large portion of time for you.

Keys to a great after spot:

–          Again, setting the mood is critical so location is also critical

–          Try something that involves team work, or participation

–          Pick a place where you know the servers or manager to again make a good impression


Today there are a lot more services that are conducive to dating, one being Uber and Lyft. Why worry about parking spots, directions to location, traffic and your driving skills. Leave it up to a driver. It’s impressive, it gives you more quality time with your date and the best advantage is you can drink and be responsible. There’s two ways to play this. If you have a nice car that you want to show off, (Let’s face it our cars are like fishing lures, we use them to hook dates) then you can drive to your dates place and arrange an Uber for the actual outings. On the other hand if you have a bucket, for sure you’re going to want to take an Uber over. Let them get to know the real you and don’t give them ammunition to prejudge you.

Benefits to having an Uber or Lyft:

–          Driver can be an Icebreaker

–          Better one on one conversation

–          No worries about drinking and driving.

–          Possible excuse to stay over to sober up (especially if you drove your car over to their place)


Let me repeat this one, pay for everything. If you invite them out, then do yourself a favor and be the man that they’re looking for and man up on the bill. Make sure you’re not dealing with a gold digger. You can wait for the bill to arrive and see if your date offers to pitch in, but be the hero and proudly say, “I got this” with a big cheesy smile.

Benefits to picking up the tab:

–          Shows confidence and stability

–          Separates you from the crowd

–           Makes them feel secure (dates want to feel secure, that they’re with a winner)

You pull all of this off and I guarantee your chances for a 2nd date will increase by 70%. Other important tips;

–          Fresh hair cut

–          Fresh gear (always over dress for the first date)

–          Groom; no unruly nose, ear back and shoulder hair

–          Trim; beard neck line and the lower regions

–          Car wash and fragrance (if you plan to take your ride)

Also refer to my other post 5 proven ways to make you more attractive. Of course if you’re super wealthy and or have an amazing personality you can toss all these tips out the window. Money and personalities still have their place in the dating world and will always trump my dating tips.

Remember, be yourself, you want them to love you for all of your crazy, not just your normal so don’t be afraid to show all your cards. Well not all, a little mystery is always healthy. Keeps them wanting more. Most of all have fun.

photo credit: celebritymix

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Days are getting darker earlier, temperatures are dropping, and snow might be coming your way. Pretty much no matter where you go in America it’s going to be cold. That’s a bad thing, unless you like waking up in a tundra or spending a ridiculous amount on power. There are simple tricks you can implement to ease the pain of a massive power bill, while at the same time keeping your pad warm. If you’re tired of waking up with an icicles in your beard, here are eight SMOOTH Tips for keeping warm this winter.

Opening and Closing Blinds

When it’s sunny out, open your blinds: This is common sense. Use the free heat of the sun to warm your room when you can. Pay attention to the time of day though, because you also need to. Close your blinds when the sun isn’t out. This is the flip side to the common sense tactic above. Don’t let heat escape once you’ve trapped it.

Close Your Doors

Close doors in unused rooms. You’ll stop cold air from flowing through your house and keep warm air where it should be. This works great for when you’re sleeping. The only door you want to leave open is your bathroom door open when you shower.

Create a Sauna in Your Bathroom

Leave your bathroom door open when you shower: You’re paying for the hot water, you might as well make it work double time. Let steam flow around your room or apartment to get a nice sauna going. Also make sure you shower with a body wash free that will hydrate your skin during the dry cold weather like SCRUB.

Use Rugs

If you have hardwood or tile floors use plush rugs to keep heat from escaping through the floor. Not to mention they’re warmer to walk on than bare floor. You can’t describe how terrible a freezing floor is on your feet until it’s too late.

Block Wind Draft from Fireplace

When you aren’t using your fireplace for a nice blaze, plug it up to prevent heat from escaping. It should go without saying that a real, wood burning fire should be had whenever possible.

Space Heater

A small, personal heater won’t warm your whole house, but it will work in your bedroom or living room. They’re much cheaper than messing with your thermostat and this portable heat is easily transferable from floor to floor.

Draft Stoppers

Use draft stoppers on your doors and windows. You can buy draft stoppers to cover the cracks, or you can use blankets and towels. Either way, precious heat looks for those spaces in order to get outside. Don’t let it do that.

Flannel Sheets

Put flannel sheets on your bed. If you’re still using the same sheets from summer there’s a reason you wake up in the middle of the night with a chill. Grab a thick comforter and warm sheets to trap all the body heat you can. If you’re also closing your bedroom door at night, the temperature will be toastier when it’s time to get up. These are just a few SMOOTH tips to keep you warm. Now bundle up!

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