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What Makes SmoothTech Pro Different?

You are inundated with different hair removal methods and brands daily, all with varying price points and effects. The amount of choices available to us can get overwhelming, so we want to explore the pros and cons of each. Let’s break down the options:


The most common hair removal method, shaving is inexpensive and quick. Desired effects are immediate but short-lived because shaving only skims the surface and doesn’t reach the hair follicle underneath the skin. After a couple of days, you have stubble from regrowth and often irritated, bumpy skin.


Waxing lasts longer because it pulls out the whole hair follicle, but it is painful and expensive. Results last much longer than shaving, but upkeep is required every four to six weeks. If you’re just doing your eyebrows, that could be manageable, but your whole body? Ouch.

SmoothTech Pro

Our method takes organic products that are free of all harmful, irritating ingredients like parabens and petrolatum, and effectively removes hair without ripping the skin of moisture. Our main differentiator is our two-step process–essential for keeping your skin clean, smooth and hydrated. It’s a pain-free method that requires you to prime and prep the skin, apply the hair removal lotion, and follow up with a post hair removal gel that inhibits additional hair growth. It’s a routine that you can feel good about. We even offer THE WINGMAN, a back applicator that allows men to remove their own back hair unassisted. Brands like Nair with a similar pain-free, manageable hair removal formulas exist but are just single action products, meaning they’re only concerned with removing hair with no pre or post solutions. They are not nearly as effective because they strip the skin of moisture, contain fragrances that often irritate the skin, and lack essential skincare ingredients to maintain the health of your skin past one use. Unlike our competitors, SmoothTech Pro was designed specifically for men’s skin with long-term effects in mind. Our system offers pre- and post-hair removal solutions that are designed for long-term use, working to maintain moisture and youthfulness of the skin.

That’s a SmoothTech difference you can feel. Literally.

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