3 Foods to Eat to Keep Your Libido Strong

If you want to get it on with your significant other, lingerie and candle-lit dinners often come to mind to get in the mood. What you eat, though, is often overlooked, and yet what you put in your body has a great effect on how you feel and whether or not you’re, say, ready to go. We’ve compiled one cliche, yet effective, and two surprising foods to add to your diet to keep your libido high so that you’re always ready for action.


Strawberries and whipped cream aren’t associated with sex for nothing — they really do help with getting frisky. Strawberries are full of antioxidants which benefit your heart and help improve circulation, which is important for sexual function. They also have a high amount of Vitamin C which has been linked to higher sperm counts in men. Dip them into dark chocolate, another libido boosting superstar chocolate, and you’ve got the ultimate combination.

Chili peppers

Chili peppers are a good source of immune-boosting vitamin C and a chemical called capsaicin, which has been shown to generate a release of endorphins, creating a feeling of euphoria in the brain. The potential effect? Hotter sex. Chile peppers are versatile and can compliment a plethora of dishes. Make a spicy salsa and get ready to turn up the heat.


Your favorite toast topping is not only delicious but also a helpful in the bedroom. Avocados are chock full of good-for-you fats, Vitamin B6, and minerals- all of which assist in keeping your energy levels and sex drive high. They also have high levels of natural mood-boosting omega-3 fatty acids, which will keep you in the mood and make you feel more inclined to get it on. It’s also a plus that avocados go well with nearly everything. Take a bike of that guacamole and be prepared to get frisky.

In addition to these three foods providing key nutrients to fuel your sex drive, maintaining a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise routine will help you look better and feel more confident while you’re in bed.


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5 Annoying Habits You Need to Drop To Make You More Dateable


Are you having issues maintaining romantic relationships? Are you finding it hard to get that second date, move to the next level or even worse find yourself ending up in the dreaded “friend zone”? Chances are you’re failing the test that all relationships go through and I bet you have a few annoying habits that are holding you back. Not to worry, I’m here to put the spotlight on the 5 worst habits partners find annoying.




Ever wonder why women (and some men) are attracted to “bad boys”? Well bad boys have this ability to not give a shit about anything or anyone. They’re very casual and very natural so they give off this air of confidence. Your potential partner will ALWAYS pick up if you appear not to be yourself. In other words if you come off as desperate and too eager, your potential partner will feel this and may pull away. Main reason being is because you’re not being your authentic self and they sense that. Try to relax and go in to all new relationship with the knowledge that chances are it will fail but you will learn a lesson that will eventually make your successful relationship work. Approach it as temporary training until you meet “the one”


Man with toolbelt doing DIY at home, standing on step ladder, fixing light fixture in ceiling

Let’s face it, women are more emotional than us men and we’re more logical, this is probably the biggest mismatch in developing a healthy communication. Men have to realize when women complain about issues, chances are they are just venting and all they want you to do is listen and show empathy. THAT’S IT. I’m still working on this one myself, trust me it doesn’t come easy. Our first reaction as alpha men is to come up with a solution, but that’s not what they want to hear which is why you may’ve found yourself in some twisted arguments after you were just doing what comes natural. Well in a woman’s world it is not appreciated so do yourself a favor and just LISTEN and practice saying. “I’m sorry you’re dealing with that” and let me know how you fare.



Texting is an art and a real opportunity to test the waters with a new partner. What other platform allows you to rehearse your responses, before you hit send, genius right? Only if you take advantage of it. You have to have a personality even over texting, so absolutely no one word responses. Be funny, personable and learn how to read the signs. Push the envelope a little to see if there’s chemistry. Be cautious of revealing too much as women tend to analyze EVERYTHING and in this case that means EVERY WORD, so make your words count.


 Swingers phone call

My advice to people who have just made an initial connection is to assume that your new potential partner is seeing other people and or has a friend or friends with benefits. What does this mean you ask? Slow your roll, and be patient. Read the signs; remember, you have to earn your way on to your new partner’s calendar. Example; if you ask your new mate, “what’s up for tonight?”, because you want to see them but you find out they already had previous plans with friends, don’t be too sensitive and whine about wanting to see them, just make yourself available for another time. Unfortunately there is a bit of game playing that can take place in the early stages of dating, but the one thing you’ll want to pay attention to is that your new partner is engaging in conversation and more importantly they are engaging in wanting to meet up (make quality time for you). Make sure it’s not a one way conversation because they could be giving you some hints that they’re just not that into you. If this is the case (no return text message or no contact in 72 hours) bow out with dignity, in a lot of cases if you exit with dignity, it may make you more desirable.  DON’T BE LIKE MIKE John Favreau’s character in “Swingers”. Always stay cool and be smooth.



Ok this one should probably be number 1. Women hate a cheapskate. It’s probably the biggest turnoff. You make the moves get the number and then she agrees to meet you for a date and you can’t pay the bill? Come again? I know it’s the new generation and a lot of women are making great money, but a lady likes to feel like a lady so that means opening the door, pulling out the chair and oh yeah picking up the bill. Not splitting it paying it in full. Do you hear me? Now, if she offers to pay or split, now you know you got a good one. A real potential partner, but that doesn’t mean you take her up on it. NO. You should be in full court press mode and if you’re not, you can rest assure someone she may be vetting is. That just puts you on the back foot out the gate so don’t do it. Remember, not all dates have to be expensive. Be creative, be yourself and stay within your budget. If she can’t respect that, then tell her to kick rocks lol. It’s not where you’re at its where you want to be, so if she can’t see the drive and motivation and wants to judge you on your current budget, then she’s not the one.

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