All men are created equal right? Well this is far from true when it comes to the care of men’s skin. Every man’s skin is as unique as his fingerprint. A man’s skin health is shaped not only by his genes, but also by his lifestyle choices. A 20-year-old surfer’s skin is different than a 50 year-old businessman’s skin and will require different targeted products with specific ingredients. Having this knowledge allows us to effectively treat men’s skin.


The male sex hormones known collectively as androgens have an enormous effect on men’s skin. The chief sex hormone of this group is testosterone. Testosterone exerts its effects by acting on androgen receptors found throughout the body. It does this directly, or by being converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a much more potent activator of the androgen receptors. As men age in their early years, levels of testosterone increase, but by middle age, testosterone levels steadily decline every year. This is one of the factors that is accountable for the changes in men’s skin (and hair) during the later years. Testosterone is potent stuff, and we are better understanding the effects it has on men’s skin. This again allows us to effectively formulate the right products that protect and preserve men’s skin, especially middle age skin, which needs more nutrients.


The epidermal barrier is a highly organized tissue that responds efficiently and rapidly to the changing environment in order to maintain a state of homeostasis, or perfect balance. Comprised of a mixture of ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, the lipid bi-layer mediates both trans-epidermal water loss and penetration of foreign materials into the skin. Once the epidermal barrier is disturbed, either by penetration of foreign material or dehydration, signals are sent by the lipids to replenish the lipid barrier system and remove any foreign material. However, studies have shown that testosterone can have negative effects on epidermal barrier function.


We now know testosterone and DHT are major factors that can impede the skins ability to heal and properly hydrate. Studies suggest that some men may not have the ability to properly heal wounds especially in the later years. Other men man find it harder in their later years to maintain moisture within their skin. This is especially important in facial skin because many men shave on a regular basis, leading to frequent nicks and cuts. This also applies to men that use razors to remove body hair. SmoothTech Pro is aware of this which is one of the reasons we developed after care solutions; REDUCE ST2,  PREVENT and our newest arrival due on the market in 2018, HYDRATE+ a 3 in 1 hydrating lotion that is sweat proof and loaded with anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients. All of these products are designed to assist the skin in its ability to repair itself and protect the integrity of the epidermal barrier. REDUCE ST2 our key after care solution that works on all parts of the body, not only soothes and hydrates the skin, but it also stimulates new collagen (promoting elasticity) and helps reduce new regrowth. It is designed to bring the skin back to a neutral or natural ph level that equates to healthy skin. This is essential for overall skin health especially facial skin in aging men.


At SmoothTech Pro, we’re focused on advanced technology for solution driven products. We’re learning the decline in androgens may be responsible for some of the changes associated with aging in men. Loss of muscle tone, bone density, and sexual dysfunction, just to name a few – have all been linked to aging males and decreased testosterone. Aging is a natural process that affects men hormonally. The physical characteristics of aging bodies cannot be solely attributed to one substance like testosterone (again lifestyle choices play a major role as well). Despite the complexities, male hormones, in particular testosterone, govern much of the male physiology and behavior and this powerful chemical remains the crucial component for understanding male skin.

We’re dedicated to developing more anti-aging products that help fight and slow down the effects of aging, so men can look as good as they feel. We can’t do much to help with muscle tone and sexual dysfunction, but we can maintain your skin throughout the ages to slow down the effects. That’s our mission.



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STP COMPARED TO THE BEST OF THE REST (there’s no competition)

What is the difference between Nair for Men and SmoothTech Pro?

Let’s do one better.

Let’s discuss the difference between the 3 leading men’s depilatories:


Nair For Men                           Veet For Men                             Nad’s for Men

The obvious difference is in the title, “For Men” which should tell you that this product was not originally intended for Men’s use. We’ll come back to this in a minute.

Let’s discuss the #1 complaint men have with the current depilatories on the market:

They can cause irritation or worse, chemical burns from the ingredients some of these brands use.

You see the active ingredients used in depilatories are meant to raise the ph level in the hair but these same ingredients can also affect the skin if the levels are too high.

Why is this a problem?

Well, the main cause behind troubled skin, whether it be acne, eczema, wrinkled or dry skin is an out of whack ph level.


Why should this mean anything to you?

1   The health of your body—and skin—is directly linked to maintaining the right balance between acidity and alkalinity.

2  The skin’s barrier, which is known as the acid mantle, is responsible for keeping in lipids and moisture while blocking germs, pollution, toxins, and bacteria. If this barrier is compromised you set yourself up for a lot of issues.

3   So when you remove hair, you expose more of your skin, so it’s important to maintain a natural ph level to ensure healthy skin.

We know this at SmoothTech Pro so we address this issue in each step of our end to end system which ensures that the skin is hydrated before, during and after the hair removal process.

Comparing Just The Removal Products


Our lotion helps protect the skin’s barrier with moisturizing and hydrating properties that are specifically formulated for men’s skin. This helps to maintain a natural ph level during the hair removal process.

We use only natural and naturally derived ingredients and retain lower levels of Potassium Thioglycolate and Calcium Hydroxide (the active ingredients) to ensure the skin’s barrier is not compromised. Because of the special mix our removal lotion performs a bit slower but is much safer than the competition.


There are 3 issues we found with today’s men’s depilatories. Let’s go back to the For Men title. You see years ago beauty companies believed that men’s skin was meant to be rough and rugged, therefore they did not need the important skin care ingredients that are found in the women’s products. Most of the competitors still prescribe to this old way of thinking so the;

1st issue is that the formulations for the Men’s products, are stripped of important skin care ingredients.

2nd issue is the active ingredients Potassium Thioglycolate and ph adjuster Calcium Hydroxide, percentage levels are too high for the average man’s skin, because again they were originally formulated for women.

3rd issue is that some of the competitors elect to use synthetic dyes, chemicals and fragrance all of which are known skin irritants.

The combination of these three factors is what causes the irritation and in some cases chemical burns for some men. These product perform faster because they are designed for rapid breakdown of the keratin but the problem is that these products also throw off men’s ph levels which causes the irritation and burns and ultimately prematurely ages the skin.

Comparing The After Care Products

REDUCE ST2  (Step 2 hair regrowth minimizer) VS NAIR AND VEET


1. All Organic

2. After care solution that immediately soothes and hydrates the skin

  1. 3. Stimulates new collagen

4. Helps slow down new regrowth

5. Helps bring the skin back to a natural hydration level

6 Helps keep skin young and firm with age defying ingredients

  • ALL 3 HAVE NO AFTER CARE PRODUCTS (One of the reason why men breakout after using these products)

Remember whether you shave, wax and use a depilatory, your skin is its most vulnerable right after a hair removal session for the next 72 hours. NOT having an after care solution guarantees that your skin (at the very least) will dry out which can play a role in potentially prematurely aging and damaging it. So to really make things clear to really compare Nair Veet and Nads to our system you’d have to buy a few more products. We hope this clarifies the difference. We’re the first and only end to end system SPECIFICALLY formulated for men’s skin. Smoothtech Pro No competition. Try it now.

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Let’s face it I’ve been pretty lucky with the ladies pretty much my entire life. I literally have may say and my pick when it comes to someone I have interest in. Over the years I noticed that I do 5 things that always make my first dates successful allowing me the choice to set up date #2. I’m going to pass along these 5 tips to put your dating game into high gear.


It’s all about setting the mood and this requires the perfect ambience. Do yourself a favor and research 5 locations that you preferably frequent ahead of time. Why five you ask? Not every date is going to like the same cuisine so you should have choices.

Keys to location:

–          Atmosphere should mirror your lifestyle

–          Must have an X factor, something unique; view, presentation, servers, music the WOW factor.

–          Noise level should be reasonable, can’t be too loud. Remember the first date you really should   be getting to know your date so a loud location would only be a detractor (what was that? Lol). You get the message.


Be the aggressor and take control (in a respectful way). Ask your date, “what do you typically like or more importantly what don’t you like”? Find these two things out and then ask permission to be in charge of the ordering process. Make certain suggestions that you know are winners and have the wow factor. Now a days everyone has a little Foodie in them so if you’re able to introduce some new dishes to your date that you know will become favorites, you will score some major points.

Keys to knowing the menu:

–          Get to know the chef and see if you can modify a signature dish

–          Know the signature dishes and desserts, every chef has their favorites

–          Learn how to pair, it’s so impressive to see your date take complete control over the food, wine, spirits and desserts.


To guarantee that will make a serious impression and get some quality time in, tell your date that you have the day all planned out. Activities, dinner and an after spot. If they agree, this is a big deal as it shows that they are interested enough to carve out a large portion of time for you.

Keys to a great after spot:

–          Again, setting the mood is critical so location is also critical

–          Try something that involves team work, or participation

–          Pick a place where you know the servers or manager to again make a good impression


Today there are a lot more services that are conducive to dating, one being Uber and Lyft. Why worry about parking spots, directions to location, traffic and your driving skills. Leave it up to a driver. It’s impressive, it gives you more quality time with your date and the best advantage is you can drink and be responsible. There’s two ways to play this. If you have a nice car that you want to show off, (Let’s face it our cars are like fishing lures, we use them to hook dates) then you can drive to your dates place and arrange an Uber for the actual outings. On the other hand if you have a bucket, for sure you’re going to want to take an Uber over. Let them get to know the real you and don’t give them ammunition to prejudge you.

Benefits to having an Uber or Lyft:

–          Driver can be an Icebreaker

–          Better one on one conversation

–          No worries about drinking and driving.

–          Possible excuse to stay over to sober up (especially if you drove your car over to their place)


Let me repeat this one, pay for everything. If you invite them out, then do yourself a favor and be the man that they’re looking for and man up on the bill. Make sure you’re not dealing with a gold digger. You can wait for the bill to arrive and see if your date offers to pitch in, but be the hero and proudly say, “I got this” with a big cheesy smile.

Benefits to picking up the tab:

–          Shows confidence and stability

–          Separates you from the crowd

–           Makes them feel secure (dates want to feel secure, that they’re with a winner)

You pull all of this off and I guarantee your chances for a 2nd date will increase by 70%. Other important tips;

–          Fresh hair cut

–          Fresh gear (always over dress for the first date)

–          Groom; no unruly nose, ear back and shoulder hair

–          Trim; beard neck line and the lower regions

–          Car wash and fragrance (if you plan to take your ride)

Also refer to my other post 5 proven ways to make you more attractive. Of course if you’re super wealthy and or have an amazing personality you can toss all these tips out the window. Money and personalities still have their place in the dating world and will always trump my dating tips.

Remember, be yourself, you want them to love you for all of your crazy, not just your normal so don’t be afraid to show all your cards. Well not all, a little mystery is always healthy. Keeps them wanting more. Most of all have fun.

photo credit: celebritymix

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5 Mistakes You Should Correct to Improve Your Health



If you’re clueless about how to eat well or stick to a workout routine, don’t fret. Don’t get me wrong it’s important to do both but, even those who think they’re doing all they can to maximize their health get things wrong, often daily. If you really want to be in tip-top shape, watch out for these 5 common mistakes.

1. Low water intake

The standard rule of drinking eight glasses of water per day is probably going overboard, but most people go way too far in the other direction. Only drinking at mealtime just isn’t enough, and this constant state of dehydration can negatively affect your mood, energy, and even your heart. Dehydration can also lead to weight gain because the body’s signals for thirst and hunger are so similar that many confuse one for the other. You could be eating hundreds of calories your body doesn’t need simply because you haven’t been downing enough H2O.

The best strategy for fixing this problem is by always carrying water with you. Invest in a water bottle, or keep a drinking glass at your office. Adding a few slices of citrus fruit or cucumber helps give the beverage a bit more taste, which will encourage you to tank up.

2. Holding it

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in a project that you ignore nature’s call long after you realized you needed to hit the rest room. Holding off on using the restroom can negatively impact your health. According to The Huffington Post Canada, resisting the urge to urinate can cause your bladder to stretch out and encourage bacteria to grow. If things get too bad, these bacteria can cause a kidney infection.

Holding it in from the backside is equally as bad. Allowing excrement to build up in your system leads to constipation and could even affect your ability to go in the future. There’s a reason we call it waste, so get it out of your system.

3. Not enough sleep

Many of us don’t get enough sleep and try to make up the difference by downing a few extra cups of coffee. Though the caffeine can certainly give you a little boost, it’s no substitute for the real thing. Those who regularly find themselves running on little sleep experience an increased risk of depression, cancer, memory loss, and heart disease. The habit could even lead to an early grave.

Aim to get an absolute minimum of six hours every night; eight hours is even better. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule is the best way to make sure you’re able to fall and stay asleep, so try to be as disciplined as you can. That goes for weekends, too. A little sleeping in is fine, but don’t go overboard.

4. Not protecting your skin

If you find you’re only applying sunscreen when you’re on the beach, then you need to remember that the sun can do real damage to your skin in the fall, winter, and spring, too. Everyone knows that sunburns can increase the risk of skin cancer, but those who are not prone to burning are also at risk from the sun’s rays. The Cleveland Clinic explains everyone should wear sunblock with at least 30 SPF, and if it’s not the summertime, then be sure to still apply some to exposed skin before heading outdoors. Remember: Repeated exposure to the sun without protection can cause damage to the skin over time even if you can’t see it. Also make sure you keep your skin hydrated with a great moisturizing lotion and body wash like SCRUB which is all natural.

5. Bad posture

Everyone slouches from time to time, but if you allow your poor posture to continue, it can have real consequences to your health. Livestrong explains slouching can lead to sore muscles in your back, as keeping your back in a rounded position doesn’t offer support to your spine.

You can also unknowingly cause blood vessel or nerve constriction. When you slouch, the pressure around the spine can potentially cut off the blood supply to the cells of the muscles, which can increase your chance of blood clots. Slouching can also cause your spine to curve, which can put pressure on the surrounding nerves and cause a pinched nerve. Do yourself a favor and sit up straight.

Make these 5 corrections and you’ll immediately improve your health.

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Five Wardrobe Essentials for Fall

Fall is kicking into high gear, which means it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. Build your fall wardrobe around these five menswear essentials, and you should be set for any occasion this season—be it casual, dressy, or somewhere in between.

City Coat

A timeless classic – a city coat is a top coat that translates well from day to night, similar to a trench or peacoat in style. Look for longer lengths in outerwear for the colder temperatures this fall. A coat that’s mid-thigh has the flexibility of being both formal enough for the office but casual enough to pair with jeans and a sweater.

Wool Sweater

A wardrobe staple, a great quality wool sweater lends itself to a classic look that will work with any man’s wardrobe for years to come. This classic sweater works well oversized or snug, plain or multicolor, or as a lightweight knit – you really can’t go wrong. Wear it under a thick coat for the ultimate fall combination.

Dark Jeans

Be sure to have an all-over dark-wash jean this season. Dark denim is easier to dress up than light or distressed denim, and you’ll get much more wear out of it. Jeans pretty much go with everything, so it’s a good transitional piece to wear from work to play. Remember, jeans are an investment piece, so don’t skimp on quality.

The Oxford

Another classic, oxfords transition seamlessly from casual to dressy. It’s a bit heavier-weight than a basic button-down, making it perfect for the changing weather because it’ll keep you warm during chilly mornings and cool during warm afternoons – just roll up the sleeves and you’re good to go. Oxfords come in many different colors and styles, too, so don’t be afraid to embrace some pattern.

The Flannel

Of course, flannels for fall. How original, right? Flannels are basically thicker, softer and warmer versions of an Oxford. They’re practical, approachable and just about the comfiest thing you can wear when the temperature begins to drop. Layer it over a comfy tee or under a simple jacket and it will be your favorite, effortless look of the season.

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3 Classic Drinks Every Man Should Have in Their Repertoire

You have a well-stocked bar with all of the bar tool essentials, but you’re not sure what to make and you’re tired of pouring the same glass of Cabernet or cracking open a can of beer. These three drink classics don’t require many ingredients, are quick and easy to make, and are impressive when served. Master these and you’ll be on your way to becoming a dinner party pro.


An old-fashioned is made up of a little bit of sugar, a few dashes of bitters and a lot of liquor. This bold and strong drink classic is not for the faint of heart.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 oz Rye Whiskey or Bourbon
  • 2-3 dashes of bitters
  • 1 sugar cube or ½ tsp sugar
  • Large ice cubes
  • Water

Place the sugar cube into an Old-Fashioned glass and wet it with the bitters and a splash of water. Use a muddler to crush the sugar before adding a couple of large ice cubes. If you want to impress, buy ice cube molds to make large, circular ice cubes – this will keep your drink cold without diluting it over time. Pour in the Rye (or bourbon) and stir.

Gin and Tonic

Highly underrated, a gin and tonic is almost as simple as it gets when it comes to making a drink. No stirring or shaking required, but you do want to have the right gin to tonic ratio. Here’s what we recommend:

What you’ll need:

  • 2 oz gin
  • 4-5 oz tonic
  • ½ lime
  • Ice

Place a few ice cubes into a Collin’s glass (or a tall glass) and pour in the gin and tonic. Add a generous squeeze of lime (or two) and then garnish with a lime wedge if desired.

Moscow Mule

A fun play on a vodka soda with lime, the moscow mule packs a punch with tangy, spicy ginger. It’s easy, smooth and a refreshing addition to any meal.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 4-6 oz ginger beer
  • ½ oz lime juice (or a good squeeze)
  • Mint (optional)
  • Ice

Squeeze the lime into a cup (Pro tip: Use a classic moscow mule copper mug) and drop the rind in. Add a few ice cubes, then pour in the vodka and top it off with ginger beer. Stir it up and garnish with a fresh mint leaf for a special touch.

All of these recipes make one serving, so increase the ingredients accordingly depending on how many people you’re serving. Start practicing these essential cocktails and you’ll be a pro when it comes to making drinks for family and friends.


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How to Be More Dateable

The dating game is tough. Whether you’re looking for someone or already talking to someone, finding a partner isn’t always easy. Instead of getting caught up actively searching for someone, why not become the person is sought after? Here are some things you can do right now to kickstart your dating life immediately.

Be Confident

If you look insecure and uncomfortable few people will want to interact with you. Simply put: if you look like you’re happy and having fun, you probably are happy and having fun, and that is the kind of person people want to be around. Even if you’re a bit nervous or shy, this is when you want to fake it until you make it. Don’t look at the floor, make direct eye contact. Be engaging and strike up conversations.

Dress Nice

Your clothes make a statement about you. Put your best foot forward and get yourself together. Always dress for the occasion- if you’re at a nice restaurant wear more than your typical t-shirt and shorts. Sure, the restaurant won’t turn you away, but your partner might.

Personal Hygiene

Basic hygiene is necessary to smell good and be clean. Brushing and maintaining your hair and appropriate grooming is also essential to show that you take care of yourself. If you smell, have bad breath and untamed hair, you’re losing a lot of dating potential. Utilize SmoothTech Pro’s easy to use hair care system for grooming yourself clean.

Mirror the other person’s body language

If someone has approached you and you want to play it cool, it is always safe to mirror the other person’s body language. If they’re keeping their distance, don’t try to make contact or be overly assertive. If they’re open and affectionate, do the same (as long as you’re comfortable).

Don’t ask boring questions

If you want to be interesting, be interested. Ask engaging questions and listen to what the other person has to say and respond to it. Avoid interrupting and stay away from negative talk about work or your personal life. Focus on keeping the conversation light-hearted and fun.

Most importantly, be yourself. Stay true to your personality because authenticity and honesty are key when forming new relationships. You’ve got this.

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How to Follow-up After a Networking Event

You went to an event and met all of the right people. Don’t let your networking efforts go to waste by not following up on time or in the right manner. Here are some tips to leave a lasting impression after a networking event to maximize that connection.

Take the initiative: If you met someone at an event and decided you want to follow up with them, take the responsibility of initiating contact. As memorable as you might have been, chances are the person you spoke with met a number of other people and you don’t want to leave it up to them to remember to reach out to you.

Make them remember: When you reach out to your contact, include something detailed and personal from your conversation so that they can be reminded of your meeting. If you quickly summarize where you met, what you talked about and who you are, the person you’re reconnecting with will easily re-establish the connection.

Make it personal: A handwritten note goes a long way in our digital, instant communication-driven world. A personal note makes a great impression, showing that you took the time and effort to reach out which speaks volumes.

Think about what you can offer: Networking is notoriously selfish. Increase your chances of developing a solid connection by keeping mutual benefit in mind. For example, your contact may know an investor you want to pitch to, but his or her company may be hiring a new manager and you could offer some suggestions. Share relevant information about both the conversation you had and how you could both benefit from the relationship.

Call to Action: Include a call to action in your note to ensure that you receive a reply and are able to reach your end goal, whether it be tapping into your contact’s network, meeting them again or getting your foot in the door at a company they are connected to. Include something like, “You mentioned you knew John Smith at so and so’s company. Would you mind connecting me?”

Utilize these effective tactics after your next networking event to establish long-lasting connections for your business success.


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Skills Every Guy Should Know

You rock at your day-job, but have you mastered the basic skills that often get pushed to the side? No matter the scenario, we’ve got you covered. Here are the skills you need to know:

How to pitch a tent: When you’re out in the elements and exhausted, sometimes the last thing you want to do is think about getting your tent up. But when it’s the one thing standing between you and a cozy night’s rest, you need to learn how to do it efficiently. Where to start? Simple. Go layer by layer. First, lay it on a flat surface, then peg down each corner. Once you have your base, build the skeleton by connecting all poles and laying them over the tent according to size and placement. Attach the tent to the poles with clips. Once your tent is up, slide your rain cover over the top and stake it into the ground. Lastly, find friends. Friends are helpful.

How to change a spare tire: A flat tire will always be unexpected, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Here’s how to get back on the road: Pull over to a safe place, turn on your hazard lights and make sure your parking brake is on. Then, put wheel wedges around your tires to ensure your car doesn’t budge. Remove the wheel cover and loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench and be sure to only turn them halfway. Reference your car’s manual to find the best spot to place the jack–it should be just behind the tire you’re replacing. Raise your car with the jack, then fully remove the lug nuts and the tire. Replace the damaged tire with the spare and screw the lug nuts back in by hand. Carefully lower the vehicle and remove the jack, then put the wheel cover on the spare.

How to parallel park: Picture this: backing in and out of a parking spot one hundred times and having the person behind you incessantly honking. Save yourself and get the steps down: Pull up parallel to the car directly in front of the parking spot and make sure you have about a foot of room between you when you’re side by side. Slowly begin to back up with your wheel turned all the way to the right to get a sharp angle. Keep your wheel turned until the front tip of your car is at about a halfway point with the car next to you. Turn your wheel in the opposite direction (to the left) and slowly begin to even out into the parking spot. Pull forward a foot or two if need be and you’re done. Two swift movements and now you’re a parking pro.

How to clean up your inbox: An inbox approaching 1,000 unread emails is overwhelming. For productivity purposes, set aside three times a day to check your email and give yourself a set amount of time to respond. Flag the high priority messages and be sure to tackle those first. Also, begin minimizing the amount of junk mail that’s clogging up your inbox. As you come across messages that you don’t want hit unsubscribe as you go and soon enough your inbox will start to whittle down.

How to get smooth with SmoothTech Pro: When you’re going on a date, your nerves are already through the roof and the last thing you want to worry about when you’re spacing on what to say is how you look. Give yourself a boost of confidence by knowing that you’re clean and looking your best. When you’ve got stubborn hair you’ve been struggling to get rid of, give our smooth, foolproof method a try. Our hair removal formula enriches the skin with vital moisture and skin-soothing nutrients, cleans pores effectively to inhibit ingrown hairs and creates long lasting results. It’s as easy as rinse, lather, repeat.

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Common Diet Mistakes

Don’t be that guy! It’s not just about hitting the gym but also watching what you eat. Avoid these common mistakes to make sure the weight stays off:

Portion control

Paying attention to portions is key. You can eat the healthiest foods possible and still gain weight if you’re overeating. Pay attention to what a normal portion looks like for common foods. For example, a serving of red meat is the size of a standard deck of cards. It’s easy to misjudge portion sizes — granola is considered healthy, but can have up to 200 calories in a ¼ cup serving. If you pour yourself a big bowl of granola, add milk and a banana and think you’re doing your waistline a favor, think again; it adds up quickly. Be mindful of what portion sizes are for high-calorie items like nuts, bread, and cheese so that you don’t go overboard.

Cheat days

The purpose of a cheat day isn’t to completely derail the progress you made the other six days of the week. The point of a cheat day is to remind yourself that you don’t need to be perfect all of the time. One bad meal every once in awhile isn’t going to completely set you back, but a whole day’s worth of mac and cheese, beer, pizza and ice cream will.

Alcohol consumption

It is easy to forget how quickly calories from alcohol can add up. A couple of beers is the caloric equivalent of a full meal. No wonder those last few pesky pounds won’t budge. For some people, cutting out alcohol is a no-go, so try to limit yourself to a few drinks a week and stick to lighter beverages. Drinks like vodka sodas, wine, and light beers are great low-calorie options. Also steer clear of sugary drinks like margaritas and martinis, which can easily reach 500 calories in one drink. If you want a flat stomach and defined muscles you’ll need to start thinking of alcohol just like you do food — make better choices.


It is recommended that the average person drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. This 64-ounce a day requirement doesn’t consider additional water needed for exercise or environment, though, and many people reach that daily minimum. Water keeps you hydrated, satisfied, and, keeps snacking at bay. A lot of times when people feel hungry, they actually might just be thirsty and could avoid hundreds of calories of mindless snacking. Stay hydrated to keep your body energized and healthy.

Avoid these diet ruining culprits and be on a better path to a healthier, fitter you.

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Improving Your Appearance

It is a natural human desire to want to look good and be perceived as attractive by others, but sometimes things just aren’t going your way. Maybe you have five pounds you want to lose, or you’re having a bad hair day and just don’t feel on top of your game. There are some improvements that take time and some things about our appearance that we can’t change or control. Whatever the issue may be, though, there are a few ways to improve your appearance with immediate noticeable results, ensuring that you always look as polished as possible.

Be confident (or fake it)

You can upgrade your appearance with your body language. Stand up straight to improve your posture and height and people will portray you as more confident with yourself. We stand and walk a certain way when we’re confident, versus when we’re nervous, so even if you’re having an off day, maintain your composure and keep your head held high.

Tuck in your shirt

A simple fix, but it goes a long way. Unless you’re in a casual setting, an untucked shirt can often be perceived as unprofessional and unkempt; you don’t want that to poorly reflect on you. Whether it be a date or a work meeting, by tucking in your shirt you’ll come across as more put together and professional no matter what scenario you’re in.

Take care of your skin

A basic skincare routine is a must in terms of improving your overall appearance short and long term. Even if you’re rushing out the door, simply splashing cold water on your face and cleansing daily makes a huge impact on your skin. Follow up with a moisturizer and sunscreen to replenish your skin’s natural moisture and keep your skin looking hydrated and smooth.

Get rid of unwanted hair

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6 Foods to Keep Your Flag Flying Tall

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OK I’m discussing that embarrassing topic that surprisingly a lot of men face. After a recent visit to my doctor, I found that this topic is more of a concern for much younger men than I had originally thought which is why I decided to write about it. I’m talking about erectile dysfunction or ED for short. I guess like most people that are not affected by ED I assumed it was an old man’s situation, but my doctor informed me that she has patients that are in their early to mid-20’s that have issues with ED. I have a great relationship with my doctor so I mentioned to her that certain foods made me harder than others and she said that’s all about circulation.

For me, if I ever want my man tool to be harder than petrified wood, my go to food has always been a nice 8 or 10 oz. rib eye steak. That always does the trick for me and gets the party started. In some cases I’ve been able to have multiple orgasms on a single bone. For those of you that are not as in tune with your body as I am, here are six scientifically known foods that can make you rise to the occasion and add lift to your man tool.

Beet Juice and Leafy Greens

Celery, Spinach and other leafy vegetables help increase circulation due to their high concentration of nitrates. Nitrates open up blood vessels which increases blood flow. Another food that has been found to have a high concentration of nitrates (which are vasodilators) is beet juice (yummy right?).  Way before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first ED drug back in 1998, they relied on case studies and reports on the beneficial relaxing effects of nitrates on blood vessels that supply the penis.

Dark Chocolate

Another recent study found that dark chocolate (specifically the flavonoids in dark chocolate) also increases circulation in many areas including the penis. Research shows that flavanols (which are the main type of flavonoids found in cocoa and chocolate) have several benefits.  In addition to having antioxidant qualities, flavanols have potential influences on vascular health, such as lowering blood pressure improving blood flow to the brain and heart.  (Source


I know it sounds nutty, but recent studies have found that the protein in pistachios can significantly improve sexual desire, and overall sexual satisfaction.  A protein found in pistachios is called arginine and it can help relax blood vessels creating good circulation which is great for sexual health.  Pistachios contain fewer calories and more potassium and vitamin K per serving than other nuts, making it a very healthy snack.


We’ve all heard the reputation that oysters have had for years as the perfect aphrodisiac, but did you know why. Oysters contain high levels of the mineral zinc which plays a major role in the production of the male hormone testosterone. You get it, more testosterone equals better wood. Raw shellfish like oysters contain compounds that stimulate the release of sexual hormones in both men and women making it the perfect aphrodisiac.  That’s why we like it raw.


You may be thinking what I originally thought when I discovered that watermelon was a recommended food for lifting your man hood. Its true watermelon is 92% water right, but the other 8% can work wonders for your heart and sexual health and enjoyment. Watermelon is rich in beneficial ingredients known as phytonutrients which are also antioxidants.  Phytonutrients relax the blood vessels that supply the penis making your weasel go pop.

Red Fruits

Pink grapefruits, cranberries and red tomatoes all contain lycopene which is another one of those phytonutrients that is good for circulation and good sexual issues.  Research also shows that antioxidants like lycopene help fight prostate cancer and male infertility. Foods like these and others like apples, tea and red wine are all good for vascular health and circulation around your man tool.

You may want to try these foods out first before resulting to taking that blue pill. Just food for thought.

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