Skin irritation can be a real bummer, especially when you’re removing hair. But what causes, skin irritation? As a skin care company, we try to educate new and current members about all aspects of men’s skin. One of the most popular calls we get is from previous users of other products having had bad experiences, who want to make sure that our products are safe. It’s more important to know the aspects of the skin especially during the winter months when your skin can take on a different character and quality. We’ve put together some top causes of men’s skin irritation and provided the recommended treatments for each to make your grooming routine more enjoyable.


1. Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is one of the leading causes of skin irritation, but what causes the skin to get dehydrated? Lots of factors such as diet, incorrect product use, genetics; it goes on. But here’s where it gets tricky: When skin is dehydrated, it creates more oil to make up for the missing water. This can cause breakouts, irritation and dry patches. Skin can even feel oily and dry at the same time.

Best Solution- Take warm showers daily, apply a moisturizer immediately after your shower to minimize water loss. To treat dehydrated skin throughout the day, first apply a hydrating lotion to put water into the skin. Then top it off with a moisturizer to lock the water in place. For best results apply moisturizer while the skin is still wet to better seal in moisture. Also drink lots of water throughout the day. This is especially important during the winter months if you leave in a colder climate and or higher elevation state or province.

2. Synthetic Colors

You like that blue tint of your body wash right, but what you may not know is that that tint is an artificial color. F- representing food and D&C representing drug and cosmetics. These letters precede a color and number (e.g., D&C Red 27 or FD&C blue 1). These synthetic colors are derived from petroleum or coal tar sources. Synthetic colors are suspected to be a human carcinogen, and the European Union has banned their use. They are known skin irritants and can cause long term damage. When using a men’s depilatory cream like SmoothTech Pro, it is recommended not to use a body wash that contains any synthetic dyes to rinse the depilatory cream away. Reason is that a man’s skin is it’s most vulnerable right after the removal of any men’s depilatory cream, so the next product that you introduce to the skin, needs to be free of any known skin irritants.

Best Solution- Stop using food and cosmetic products that contain artificial coloring. Check the labels and use common sense. When rinsing off any men’s depilatory cream, use SCRUB Power Wash, it’s a vitamin rich anti-oxidant body wash free of all skin enemies.

3. Fragrance

Research has established that fragrances in skincare products are among the most common cause of sensitizing and other negative skin reactions. Although perfumes and scents are not allergens, they can be irritants and they can trigger allergy like symptoms. 30% of men and women have fragrance sensitivity which has two types of allergy symptoms; respiratory, nose and eye symptoms or a skin allergy like contact dermatitis- an itchy, red rash that appears on the skin after contact with a product that contains perfumes or scents.

Best Solution- Removal of any potential causal agents; otherwise, the skin is at increased risk for chronic or recurrent dermatitis. In other words, try to identify the product with a fragrance and or scent and stop using it. There are alternative natural aroma extracts for example that have no effects on the skin. For immediate relieve, you can use a moisturizing lotion to soothe the skin, but make sure that lotion is also free and clear of any fragrance and or synthetic color.

4. Heat

Hot, humid weather can be the enemy for some men. It can cause a rash when your pores are blocked and can’t release sweat, causing your skin to become irritated. Friction on the surface of the skin often leads to heat rash. … Clothing that traps sweat and thick hair that traps bacteria can cause heat rash.

Best Solution- Again, you can take warm to cool showers daily, apply a moisturizer immediately after your shower to minimize water loss, and apply a hydrating lotion to put water into the skin. If you have excessive body hair, you may want to think of removing it either by waxing or with a men’s depilatory cream. Both remove hair below the skin level allowing the pores and the skin to breath.

5. Aging Skin

We now know testosterone and DHT are major factors that can impede the skins ability to heal and properly hydrate. Men may find it harder in their later years to maintain moisture within their skin. This is especially important in facial skin because many men shave on a regular basis, leading to frequent nicks and cuts. This also applies to men that use razors to remove body hair. This lack of ability to properly hydrate in the later years, can lead to skin irritation.

Best Solution- SmoothTech Pro has developed after care solutions; REDUCE ST2,  PREVENT and our newest arrival due on the market later in 2018, HYDRATE+ a 3 in 1 hydrating lotion that is sweat proof and loaded with anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients. All of these products are designed to assist the skin in its ability to repair itself and protect the integrity of the epidermal barrier. REDUCE ST2 our key after care solution that works on all parts of the body, not only soothes and hydrates the skin, but it also stimulates new collagen (promoting elasticity) It’s designed to bring the skin back to a neutral or natural ph level that equates to healthy skin free of irritation. This is essential for overall skin health especially facial skin in aging men.

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If you’re a man in your 30’s chances are you’ve dabbled in some sort of body hair removal. Maybe it was for sports amateur or professional or maybe it was at the request of your lover? Whatever the reason, let’s just say you’re not alone.

fact, according to a survey by Braun, 62 per cent of men now manscape regularly with those that do saying it makes them feel cleaner, sexier and also enhances their muscles.

A third of men feel that it makes them more popular with the opposite sex or same sex in some cases. The question is what is the best method for your situation? Undecided here are the top 5 best methods pros and cons from an unbiased professional Kassandra Carey of One to One Skin and body and Montage Skin and body, both located in the Los Angeles area.





Waxing removes hair at the root so the results are longer-lasting of all the methods. Typical results will be about 4 to 6 six weeks depending on the individual. Another added benefit is the regrowth from waxing will be finer since it is being removed at the root. This is much better than the blunt end regrowth that’s associated with shaving that can lead to itchy skin and ingrown hair.


Waxing can be painful to some men especially if they do not prepare their skin prior to an appointment. Waxing is better performed by a professional but for men this can be a bit embarrassing and costly. If you go to the wrong esthetician you may find yourself in serious pain.


  • Make sure you select an esthetician that specializes in men’s skin. Men need additional after care products to help eliminate breakouts and irritation.
  • Try to exfoliate 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Wax is better applied to skin that is clean, so make sure you shower prior to your appointment.
  • Although there are plenty of home waxing kits, you’re better off in the hands of a professional.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24hrs and wear loose fitting clothes.
  • Find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session. Your esthetician can recommend a product like Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray or SmoothTech Pro PREVENT.





Laser hair removal also offers a longer lasting solution to unwanted hair. In fact in some case it can be somewhat permanent but unfortunately, that’s not always guaranteed.

Laser works by using a concentrated beam of light aimed at the cells that make hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the follicle enough to inhibit future growth. Lasers can remove hair for anywhere from several months to years.


*Results differ widely and it does have limitations as Laser technology does not work on darker skin tones or lightly colored hair; ginger, some tones of blonde, platinum blonde and grey. **Also many people do not realize that Laser technology only works on active phase of hair growth, so you’ll need several sessions to realize complete removal which can be costly. Individual results vary so there is no real science to guaranteeing how many session you will need to realize complete removal.

**Hair follicles that are in the anagen, or active growth phase, have the largest amount of melanin, or pigment, and can absorb light energy from the laser. However, hair follicles that are in catagen or telogen growth phases are less pigmented.


  • Make sure you do your research.
  • A reputable company should have no problem giving you a thorough consultation to manage your expectation and potential lay out of money.
  • Again, although there are plenty of home devices that use laser technology, you’re better off in the hands of a professional.
  • Be patient, as results will take time.




SmoothTech Pro is a new concept; end to end system that over time offers similar result to waxing without the pain and embarrassment. They achieve this by combining technology from the 3 most effective methods; Waxing, Laser and Depilatories. SmoothTech Pro uses an organic lotion that contains key skin care ingredients important for men’s skin. It also has important after care products to help inhibit regrowth, prevent irritation, breakouts and ingrown hair. This can be used in the privacy of your home or at select salons. It also has a solution for back hair removal the WINGMAN pictured above.


Results vary depending on your hair quality (the thicker the hair the slower the results) Just like laser, REDUCE ST2 only works on the active phase of hair growth so it takes several sessions to realize results. Using the system overall requires some work and again it can take a few sessions to dial the system in to your body type.


  • Make sure you select the kit that applies to your skin and hair situation.
  • If needed you can always schedule a phone consultation with them prior to purchasing.
  • Make sure you use the aftercare products for the 1st 72 hours after a removal session.
  • Be patient as this process takes time to realize all the benefits.
  • Although their products are all natural with no known skin irritants, it’s still recommended to perform a small test patch before using to make sure there are no issues.





The obvious pros for using Nair for Men, Veet for men or Nads for men is that it is easy to use and generally pain free. Simply apply to the area of unwanted hair, wait a few minutes then remove. It’s that simple and effective. Depilatories also removes hair at the root level so results are longer lasting although not as long as waxing.


The popular 3 depilatories are formulated for women’s skin not men, so by using these products, some men can experience a drop in their skin ph levels which can cause irritation or a more severe skin reactions. Also some of these products contain known skin irritants and chemicals which can leave the skin spotty.


  • Do a skin patch test to make sure you’re not sensitive to any of the depilatory ingredients.
  • Make sure to rinse skin thoroughly with cool to lukewarm water afterwards.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24hrs and wear loose fitting clothes.
  • Like waxing, you’ll need to find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session.




The reason why shaving is so popular is because it’s the simplest method of removing hair. Very cost effective, all you need is a razor, shaving cream and that’s it. You can even purchase an electric razor and save even more. Now with the products like mangroomer or bakblade you can even shave your back. Shaving is a great method if you’re trimming an area and is probably still the most recommended method for removing hair in the private genital area. Definitely don’t want to wax, laser or use any creams or lotions.


Shaving doesn’t last long at all and because you’re removing hair at the skin level you leave a blunt end (known as stubble) that can cause itchy skin and ingrown hair. The process of shaving also causes nicks and cuts that can dry and damage skin overtime.


  • If you’re removing unwanted hair, choose a better method. Your skin will thank you in the long run.
  • Shave in the shower to open up your pores and soften hair so it can be removed easier.
  • Minimize the risk of ingrown hair by exfoliating the skin 2x a week.
  • Like waxing, you’ll need to find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session. Products like Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray, SmoothTech Pro PREVENT or Anthony’s Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment.


RECAP: My conclusion is waxing is hands down the best solution for men if you can deal with a little pain and have no problem making appointments. Some estheticians like me make special house visits if that is a concern. Laser is great for only a few men because it has limitation and results vary. My new discovery is SmoothTech Pro which I like because it’s an all-natural system that’s formulated for men’s skin which make it better than the standard depilatory creams which can be an issue if you have sensitive skin. Last I just have to say that shaving is pretty useless unless you’re trimming an area or you’re removing hair in the lower genital regions.

written by: Kassandra Carey

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Skin Care Tips for Fall

You’ve finally found a skincare routine and products that work for you, but if you think you can use the same products year round, think again. Often overlooked, your skincare products should be thought of as seasonal clothing (in the winter you wear sweater and in the summer you wear a light tee). As we make the transition into fall, you might want to consider adding some additional products into your rotation to keep your skin refreshed. Here’s what to consider as we transition from the humid summer months to the crisp fall weather.

Switch Up Your Moisturizer

The moisturizer you use during warmer months should be different than the one you use during colder months. Your skin is typically more dewy and oily when the weather is warm and dryer during as the weather cools. Swap out your moisturizer depending on your skin’s needs- introduce a slightly thicker cream to rejuvenate your skin during the drier, windy seasons instead of a light serum or face oil.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be included in your skincare routine all year long. Putting on sunscreen is more intuitive during the summer and spring seasons because the sun is out longer and we spend more time outside, but when the days get cloudy and cold many forego their sunscreen coverage thinking that they’re not at risk with clouds and rainy weather in sight. The sun’s rays are just as strong regardless of temperature or cloud coverage. Layer up your clothes and the SPF.

Use An Exfoliator

Fall is a great time to introduce an exfoliator or scrub into your routine. By exfoliating once or twice a week you’ll treat dry, parched skin and combat flakiness. For your face, look for a scrub that is not too abrasive, like a microfoliant. Gentler scrubs can also be used on dry, yet delicate, areas like your elbows and knees. These are typical areas that are prone to dryness when the weather gets cooler.

Your skin changes with the weather so personalize your routine year round and accommodate for the changing seasons–your skin will thank you.

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What Makes SmoothTech Pro Different?

You are inundated with different hair removal methods and brands daily, all with varying price points and effects. The amount of choices available to us can get overwhelming, so we want to explore the pros and cons of each. Let’s break down the options:


The most common hair removal method, shaving is inexpensive and quick. Desired effects are immediate but short-lived because shaving only skims the surface and doesn’t reach the hair follicle underneath the skin. After a couple of days, you have stubble from regrowth and often irritated, bumpy skin.


Waxing lasts longer because it pulls out the whole hair follicle, but it is painful and expensive. Results last much longer than shaving, but upkeep is required every four to six weeks. If you’re just doing your eyebrows, that could be manageable, but your whole body? Ouch.

SmoothTech Pro

Our method takes organic products that are free of all harmful, irritating ingredients like parabens and petrolatum, and effectively removes hair without ripping the skin of moisture. Our main differentiator is our two-step process–essential for keeping your skin clean, smooth and hydrated. It’s a pain-free method that requires you to prime and prep the skin, apply the hair removal lotion, and follow up with a post hair removal gel that inhibits additional hair growth. It’s a routine that you can feel good about. We even offer THE WINGMAN, a back applicator that allows men to remove their own back hair unassisted. Brands like Nair with a similar pain-free, manageable hair removal formulas exist but are just single action products, meaning they’re only concerned with removing hair with no pre or post solutions. They are not nearly as effective because they strip the skin of moisture, contain fragrances that often irritate the skin, and lack essential skincare ingredients to maintain the health of your skin past one use. Unlike our competitors, SmoothTech Pro was designed specifically for men’s skin with long-term effects in mind. Our system offers pre- and post-hair removal solutions that are designed for long-term use, working to maintain moisture and youthfulness of the skin.

That’s a SmoothTech difference you can feel. Literally.

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Skills Every Guy Should Know

You rock at your day-job, but have you mastered the basic skills that often get pushed to the side? No matter the scenario, we’ve got you covered. Here are the skills you need to know:

How to pitch a tent: When you’re out in the elements and exhausted, sometimes the last thing you want to do is think about getting your tent up. But when it’s the one thing standing between you and a cozy night’s rest, you need to learn how to do it efficiently. Where to start? Simple. Go layer by layer. First, lay it on a flat surface, then peg down each corner. Once you have your base, build the skeleton by connecting all poles and laying them over the tent according to size and placement. Attach the tent to the poles with clips. Once your tent is up, slide your rain cover over the top and stake it into the ground. Lastly, find friends. Friends are helpful.

How to change a spare tire: A flat tire will always be unexpected, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Here’s how to get back on the road: Pull over to a safe place, turn on your hazard lights and make sure your parking brake is on. Then, put wheel wedges around your tires to ensure your car doesn’t budge. Remove the wheel cover and loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench and be sure to only turn them halfway. Reference your car’s manual to find the best spot to place the jack–it should be just behind the tire you’re replacing. Raise your car with the jack, then fully remove the lug nuts and the tire. Replace the damaged tire with the spare and screw the lug nuts back in by hand. Carefully lower the vehicle and remove the jack, then put the wheel cover on the spare.

How to parallel park: Picture this: backing in and out of a parking spot one hundred times and having the person behind you incessantly honking. Save yourself and get the steps down: Pull up parallel to the car directly in front of the parking spot and make sure you have about a foot of room between you when you’re side by side. Slowly begin to back up with your wheel turned all the way to the right to get a sharp angle. Keep your wheel turned until the front tip of your car is at about a halfway point with the car next to you. Turn your wheel in the opposite direction (to the left) and slowly begin to even out into the parking spot. Pull forward a foot or two if need be and you’re done. Two swift movements and now you’re a parking pro.

How to clean up your inbox: An inbox approaching 1,000 unread emails is overwhelming. For productivity purposes, set aside three times a day to check your email and give yourself a set amount of time to respond. Flag the high priority messages and be sure to tackle those first. Also, begin minimizing the amount of junk mail that’s clogging up your inbox. As you come across messages that you don’t want hit unsubscribe as you go and soon enough your inbox will start to whittle down.

How to get smooth with SmoothTech Pro: When you’re going on a date, your nerves are already through the roof and the last thing you want to worry about when you’re spacing on what to say is how you look. Give yourself a boost of confidence by knowing that you’re clean and looking your best. When you’ve got stubborn hair you’ve been struggling to get rid of, give our smooth, foolproof method a try. Our hair removal formula enriches the skin with vital moisture and skin-soothing nutrients, cleans pores effectively to inhibit ingrown hairs and creates long lasting results. It’s as easy as rinse, lather, repeat.

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