Common Diet Mistakes

Don’t be that guy! It’s not just about hitting the gym but also watching what you eat. Avoid these common mistakes to make sure the weight stays off:

Portion control

Paying attention to portions is key. You can eat the healthiest foods possible and still gain weight if you’re overeating. Pay attention to what a normal portion looks like for common foods. For example, a serving of red meat is the size of a standard deck of cards. It’s easy to misjudge portion sizes — granola is considered healthy, but can have up to 200 calories in a ¼ cup serving. If you pour yourself a big bowl of granola, add milk and a banana and think you’re doing your waistline a favor, think again; it adds up quickly. Be mindful of what portion sizes are for high-calorie items like nuts, bread, and cheese so that you don’t go overboard.

Cheat days

The purpose of a cheat day isn’t to completely derail the progress you made the other six days of the week. The point of a cheat day is to remind yourself that you don’t need to be perfect all of the time. One bad meal every once in awhile isn’t going to completely set you back, but a whole day’s worth of mac and cheese, beer, pizza and ice cream will.

Alcohol consumption

It is easy to forget how quickly calories from alcohol can add up. A couple of beers is the caloric equivalent of a full meal. No wonder those last few pesky pounds won’t budge. For some people, cutting out alcohol is a no-go, so try to limit yourself to a few drinks a week and stick to lighter beverages. Drinks like vodka sodas, wine, and light beers are great low-calorie options. Also steer clear of sugary drinks like margaritas and martinis, which can easily reach 500 calories in one drink. If you want a flat stomach and defined muscles you’ll need to start thinking of alcohol just like you do food — make better choices.


It is recommended that the average person drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. This 64-ounce a day requirement doesn’t consider additional water needed for exercise or environment, though, and many people reach that daily minimum. Water keeps you hydrated, satisfied, and, keeps snacking at bay. A lot of times when people feel hungry, they actually might just be thirsty and could avoid hundreds of calories of mindless snacking. Stay hydrated to keep your body energized and healthy.

Avoid these diet ruining culprits and be on a better path to a healthier, fitter you.

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