How to Follow-up After a Networking Event

You went to an event and met all of the right people. Don’t let your networking efforts go to waste by not following up on time or in the right manner. Here are some tips to leave a lasting impression after a networking event to maximize that connection.

Take the initiative: If you met someone at an event and decided you want to follow up with them, take the responsibility of initiating contact. As memorable as you might have been, chances are the person you spoke with met a number of other people and you don’t want to leave it up to them to remember to reach out to you.

Make them remember: When you reach out to your contact, include something detailed and personal from your conversation so that they can be reminded of your meeting. If you quickly summarize where you met, what you talked about and who you are, the person you’re reconnecting with will easily re-establish the connection.

Make it personal: A handwritten note goes a long way in our digital, instant communication-driven world. A personal note makes a great impression, showing that you took the time and effort to reach out which speaks volumes.

Think about what you can offer: Networking is notoriously selfish. Increase your chances of developing a solid connection by keeping mutual benefit in mind. For example, your contact may know an investor you want to pitch to, but his or her company may be hiring a new manager and you could offer some suggestions. Share relevant information about both the conversation you had and how you could both benefit from the relationship.

Call to Action: Include a call to action in your note to ensure that you receive a reply and are able to reach your end goal, whether it be tapping into your contact’s network, meeting them again or getting your foot in the door at a company they are connected to. Include something like, “You mentioned you knew John Smith at so and so’s company. Would you mind connecting me?”

Utilize these effective tactics after your next networking event to establish long-lasting connections for your business success.


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