How to Use: Exfoliator

SmoothTech|Pro - Exfoliator

EXFOLIATOR is a professional grade hygienic exfoliating washcloth that smooths rough areas and polishes overall to improve skin’s look and feel. Exfoliating is an important part of the hair removal process no matter what hair removal method you use. By exfoliating 1 to 2 times a week you can prevent and fight body acne, ingrown[...]

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How to Use: Prevent

SmoothTech|Pro - Prevent

PREVENT is professional grade treatment to help eliminate ingrown hair, back acne and other irritation problems on various parts of the body men may experience after depilation or shaving procedures. PREVENT hydrates and exfoliates the skin thus allowing the hair to exit more easily for easier depilation treatments. Equipped with an easy applicator, PREVENT can[...]

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How to Use: Reduce

SmoothTech|Pro - Reduce

REDUCE is professional grade and constitutes a real tool to help fight new hair growth due to its progressive ingredients that reduce, refine and weaken new regrowth by destroying the chemical connection of the hair shaft at the root. REDUCE is science based technology with unmistakable results and is great for ALL PARTS of the[...]

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How to Use: Scrub

SmoothTech|Pro - Scrub

SCRUB is professional grade developed to rid the skin of impurities while neutralizing and hydrating at the same time. SCRUB is a mild hydrating cleanser with low ph that exfoliates the skin, reducing fungus and bacteria. For maximum results, use SCRUB with all of the STP products. SCRUB builds on the active ingredients in ELIMINATE[...]

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How to Use: Wingman

SmoothTech|Pro - Wingman

WINGMAN is the first DIY back applicator that allows men to remove their own back hair without assistance. No longer do you have to rely on your girlfriend, wife or worse; put your best friend in that awkward position of having to remove unsightly hair from your back. Now you can experience FULL BODY hair[...]

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Man Facts


Understanding Men's Hair Growth The human body hair strands grow in different stages at its own development. Hair follows a specific growth cycle with three distinct and concurrent phases known as the anagen, catagen, and telogen phase. Each phase of hair growth has specific characteristics that determine the length of the strand of hair. All[...]

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SmoothTech|Pro vs. The Competition

SMOOTHTECH|PRO™ Brand #1 Brand #2 Removes Hair Yes Yes Yes Exfoliates Yes Yes Yes Moisturizes Yes No Mess Applicator Yes Yes Back Applicator Yes Reduces New Hair Growth Yes Hydrates Skin Yes "Water Magnet" and NMF Technology Yes Formulated for Men's Skin Needs Yes 10 to 14 Days Typical Results Yes 6 days 6 days[...]

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The SmoothTech Secret

How ‘Reduce’ Disrupts New Hair Growth Our REDUCE solution nourishes and protects the skin as well as aids in the recovery process, but the real groundbreaking technology is how it helps disrupt the regrowth of new hair. REDUCE attacks the lower part of the hair bulb called the ‘hair womb’. In the hair bulb, the[...]

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Mo R. – Pacific Palisades, CA

"I liked using the entire SmoothTech|Pro™ system. The eliminate lotion was a breeze to apply with the included spatula and Wingman applicator. I left the lotion on for only 6 minutes before trial scrapes with the spatula revealed loose hairs. After a quick rinse in the shower, I noticed a clean, smooth and odorless skin[...]

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Nick J. – San Antonio, TX

"I didn’t think the product would work as well as it did. I was curious and worried how it would affect my tattoos but I was very pleased. I would very much so recommend this product." ~ Nick J., San Antonio, TX

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