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One of the more popular questions we get from new prospective customers, is what kit should they select. Even though we provide a survey that matches the best products and selects the right kit for an individual’s hair and skin situation, new customers still want to know what is the difference between the 3 kits; 2-Step, 2-Step Advanced and Complete Kit.  We’ve put together the benefits and strengths of each kit to clarify the differences, so you can make the best choice for your hair removal regimen.


Our 2-STEP KIT is our 2-Step Core system with built in skin therapy. Real hair removal is really about the skin, so we based our core system on the 4 principles of an elite waxing esthetician which are as follows;


  1. Clean and prep the skin
  2. Create a barrier for the skin so the wax (doesn’t damage the skin) only adheres to the hair
  3. Treat and remove hair at the root
  4. Clean, disinfect and hydrate the skin POST hair removal and in between removal sessions.

What we learned is that most waxing estheticians and hair removal solutions (laser, shaving, men’s depilatory creams) in general, either don’t believe in or don’t implement the 4th principle.

That’s where we decided to focus on. We also learned that the PH level for men’s skin was essential to a successful hair removal session and overall skin health. This is why our core system is packed with tons of skin care ingredients designed to hydrate and bring the skin back to a neutral PH level (not too acidic or too alkaline). This is so important because most of the issues men face are post hair removal. This is due to an out of whack PH level caused by archaic methods (old formulated depilatory creams that are too acidic) and waxing techniques not specific to men. Men’s skin is its most vulnerable right after a hair removal session for the next 72 hours, so having NO after care solution is just not an option for an optimum hair removal system. Our Step 2 REDUCE ST2, is our game changer.  It’s a pre and post solution that soothes, hydrates the skin while simultaneously stimulates new collagen (any type of hair removal exfoliates the outer layer of skin, so you need to replenish that layer with healthy new collagen) and helps reduce new regrowth. This helps eliminate irritation, bumps and ingrown hair for fine to combination type hair only.

2-STEP KIT is recommended for:

Skin Type: Normal

Hair Type: Fine to Combination

Not recommended for: Sensitive skin, Ingrown hair issues, back hair removal, coarse hair.



We wanted to address all of the pain points in terms of men’s hair removal and two of the biggest pain points for men are removing back hair and preventing or eliminating ingrown hair. This advance kit specifically addresses those two concerns with our two power tools; the WINGMAN and THE EXFOLIATOR. When asked, men said they preferred an at-home solution but most of those solutions did not offer unassisted back hair removal. We wanted to change the game, so we developed the WINGMAN which is a back applicator that allows men to remove their own back hair unassisted. We also assembled this kit to address specific needs like thick coarse hair which we know can be difficult to remove and manage. For this we actually sourced an existing professional grade exfoliating cloth that previously was only available to high end salons. We made a deal and now we offer it in our 2-Step Advanced and Complete kit options. Using THE EXFOLIATOR 2x time a week will help soften coarse hair and polish the skin to improve it’s look and feel. This will also help to eliminate ingrown hair


2-STEP ADVANCED KIT is recommended for:

Skin Type: Normal

Hair Type: Fine to Combination, Thick Coarse

Not recommended for: Sensitive skin,



This is the Ferrari of all of the kits. It’s our ultimate solution for men’s hair removal to address EVERY SINGLE pain point associated with hair removal including the ones you may not even be aware of.  It’s also an anti-aging and skin corrector kit. That’s right our Performance Enhancers can help dial back the clock, while it helps correct and prevent skin issues; face and body acne, dry skin, scars, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, the list goes on. Our Performance Enhancers include PREVENT an Ingrown and blemish prevention tool and SCRUB a vitamin rich anti-oxidant body wash engineered to bring the skin back to it’s natural hydration level (neutral PH level). Both products contain collagen firming ingredients to keep the skin tight and healthy. This kit was originally assembled for body builders with the help of Flex Wheeler and Danny Hester, two Mr. Olympia athletes. It is designed to remove hair effectively and use the Performance Enhancers to bring the skin to its optimum level to be displayed on the big stage.

This kit is virtually full proof so if you’ve ever had a bad depilatory or waxing experience you need to try and purchase the Complete Kit. You’ll be amazed at the results and your faith in men’s hair removal will be forever restored. See we’ve done our homework and through our research we discovered and addressed ALL issues associated with pre and post hair removal. An additional post hair removal issue we discovered is caused by using men’s body wash after a hair removal session. Most men’s products (manufactured by large corporations) still contain known skin irritants like synthetic dyes and fragrances not to mention, paraben, sulfates and other harsh chemicals. Users that apply a typical men’s body wash after a waxing, shaving, depilatory or laser session, escalated their chances of irritation considerably by introducing these known skin irritants. Our SCRUB eliminates that risk especially when used immediately after a hair removal session (no matter what the removal method is) because its FREE and CLEAR of all skin enemies. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants to nourish and hydrate the skin. It also stimulates new collagen to again replenish that exfoliated outer layer of dead skin that is removed from any type of hair removal method. This is one of the main reasons we recommend this kit to all 1st time users to eliminate any chance of a skin reaction which again is usually caused by known skin irritants not associated with the hair removal product. After a hair removal session, the skin and pores are now exposed and if the first introduction to the skin and pores is a body wash that is NOT free and clear, your chances of having issues increases dramatically. Even if you don’t notice the adverse effects on the skin, we’ve discovered that these products typically dry out your skin in the long run which leads to other issues.

If you have sensitive skin and or ingrown hair, then our PREVENT is a must. It’s also a pre and post solution that polishes the dermis, exfoliates the skin so regrowth can exit more easily and corrects blemishes, scars and other skin defects. It’s professional grade and is based off an award-winning formulation. We actually have a separate group of customers that only by SCRUB, PREVENT and REDUCE ST2 for their skin and never purchase our removal lotion. REDUCE ST2 is also great for facial and head shaving members which we have a lot of as well. That’s why this kit is labeled “Hair Removal + Skin Care Kit”


COMPLETE KIT is recommended for:  All 1st time users

Skin Type: All skin types (normal, dry, sensitive)

Hair Type: All hair types (fine, combination, coarse)

Not recommended for: men with psoriasis, eczema or ultra-sensitive skin  


Check out our latest release: REFRESH N GO a full body cleansing cloth the largest in it’s category and the only medical grade cloth on the market. It removes sweat, dirt and body odor. It also revives the skin with natural fruit extracts to give you that fresh out of the shower feeling. It’s another game changer.

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Hair removal creams also known as depilatories, are very popular now and continue to grow in the men’s category due to ease of use.

​Depilatories are currently available in different forms from creams to lotions, sprays, gels, and even roll-ons. They vary in different strength and speed depending on the brand and body parts they are designed to be used for. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons related to depilatories and educate you on all you should know before you decide on which brand to choose for your grooming needs.



Thioglycolic acid (TGA) is the most commonly used ingredient in hair removal creams, often in salt forms such as calcium thioglycolate and sodium thioglycolate.

The hair structure’s main component is a protein called Keratin, which makes up 65% – 95% of the hair’s total fiber by weight.  This forms the strength of your hair.


Illustration of internal structure of hair – it’s the cortex which contains the keratin

It is the ​TGA in the cream which breaks down the structure of the keratin to weaken the hair and dissolve it so that it can be easily wiped away from its follicle, just below the skin’s surface.

​The top layer of your skin (the epidermis) also contains keratin, which is why some hair removal creams should never be left on for too long, as the skin may become adversely affected. This is important for men, so we will revisit this point later in this article. But you can learn more here.




All depilatories are quick and easy to use. The majority of them, you simply apply, leave on as little as 3 minutes or as long as 20 minutes, wipe away and rinse.

Minutes by Brand

Nair for Men                                    3-8 minutes

Veet for Men                                   5-12 minutes

SmoothTech Pro*                            6-20+ minutes


*SmoothTech Pro uses all-natural ingredients including the active ingredients. The Ph adjuster is lowered so that the 11 skin care ingredients can create a barrier for the epidermis to allow the active ingredients to smart target only the protein keratin in the hair and not the keratin in the skin.  This results in a slower speed but is much safer for the skin.


That’s it, results last longer than shaving and with some brands, you can achieve results similar to waxing. Most brands typically have results that last anywhere from 3 to 7 days.


Results by Brand

Nair for Men                                    3-7 days

Veet for Men                                   3-8 days

SmoothTech Pro*                            3-10+ or more day (with continued use)


Another pro is that most depilatories are relatively inexpensive ranging from a low of $9 dollars to a high of $30 dollars for more advanced formulations like SmoothTech Pro.


Average Price Range by Brand

Nair for Men                                    $9-15

Veet for Men                                   $9-18

SmoothTech Pro*                           $29-79


*SmoothTech Pro is the 1st and only system that has a core 2-step process; step 1-hair removal lotion that moisturizes and step 2- an after care gel that soothes and hydrates the skin, stimulates new collagen and helps slow regrowth. The more you use it the slower the regrowth


The biggest pro for men, has to be the pain free aspect associated with most depilatories. Again, removal creams do range in strength and speed which can have a direct effect on men’s skin, but overall, men’s depilatory creams are painless, especially compared to other methods like waxing.




Because hair removal creams work by dissolving the hair through active ingredients, these ingredients must be mildly acidic. Caustic ingredients are usually slightly pungent and although some depilatory creams are perfumed, some may have a distinct smell, which many people can find off-putting.   This hair removal method can also be quite messy, especially when you’re required to use your hands as an application tool. Unlike shaving, depilatory creams can cause an allergic reaction which can cause some stinging and discomfort. Hair removal creams are also limited. They are not suitable for all areas of the body and should be refrained from being used near the eyes or where there is any broken skin.   Similar to shaving, depilatory creams need to be used extremely frequently, because re-growth appears several days later. This method of hair removal is only temporary, and some people find having to repeat the process as often as every five days, tiresome and off-putting. Although these creams do usually thwart re-growth for a few days longer than shaving does.   To adhere to the ever-increasing quest for ultra-smooth and hairless bodies depilatory creams have gradually become harsher as more caustic ingredients have been added to become more effective tools in removing hair. Again, the high PH level found in some hair removal creams can have a negative effect on the skin, especially mature skin. As skin matures it becomes more susceptible to the harsh elements it has been relentlessly exposed to.   The caustic nature of hair removal creams can therefore have a negative effect on the skin, especially if the skin is mature or sensitive. This has been a problem with most men’s depilatory as they are now designed for speed which means the same ingredients that are breaking down the hair keratin, is also breaking down the skin keratin which is a major problem. On top of that some brands include known skin irritants like perfumes to cover up the smell of the active ingredients and dyes to make for a better presentation for men.


Because of this, it is therefore of paramount importance to carry out a patch test and follow the instructions provided with the depilatory cream package. One of the safest brands out there is SmoothTech Pro which is specifically designed for men’s skin. It is the 1st and only 2-Step core system that actually uses another form of TGA that is safer and gentler on the skin. They have the only pre and post care solution that is designed to keep the skin at its natural PH level, not too acidic and not too much alkalinity. SmoothTech Pro knows that if a man’s skin has an out of whack PH level, then that will lead to other skin issues, so choose wisely.


In short, If the procedure is carried out correctly, depilatory creams are an effective, versatile, inexpensive, painless and almost immediate method to conform to society’s expectations regarding body hair.

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Skin irritation can be a real bummer, especially when you’re removing hair. But what causes, skin irritation? As a skin care company, we try to educate new and current members about all aspects of men’s skin. One of the most popular calls we get is from previous users of other products having had bad experiences, who want to make sure that our products are safe. It’s more important to know the aspects of the skin especially during the winter months when your skin can take on a different character and quality. We’ve put together some top causes of men’s skin irritation and provided the recommended treatments for each to make your grooming routine more enjoyable.


1. Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is one of the leading causes of skin irritation, but what causes the skin to get dehydrated? Lots of factors such as diet, incorrect product use, genetics; it goes on. But here’s where it gets tricky: When skin is dehydrated, it creates more oil to make up for the missing water. This can cause breakouts, irritation and dry patches. Skin can even feel oily and dry at the same time.

Best Solution- Take warm showers daily, apply a moisturizer immediately after your shower to minimize water loss. To treat dehydrated skin throughout the day, first apply a hydrating lotion to put water into the skin. Then top it off with a moisturizer to lock the water in place. For best results apply moisturizer while the skin is still wet to better seal in moisture. Also drink lots of water throughout the day. This is especially important during the winter months if you leave in a colder climate and or higher elevation state or province.

2. Synthetic Colors

You like that blue tint of your body wash right, but what you may not know is that that tint is an artificial color. F- representing food and D&C representing drug and cosmetics. These letters precede a color and number (e.g., D&C Red 27 or FD&C blue 1). These synthetic colors are derived from petroleum or coal tar sources. Synthetic colors are suspected to be a human carcinogen, and the European Union has banned their use. They are known skin irritants and can cause long term damage. When using a men’s depilatory cream like SmoothTech Pro, it is recommended not to use a body wash that contains any synthetic dyes to rinse the depilatory cream away. Reason is that a man’s skin is it’s most vulnerable right after the removal of any men’s depilatory cream, so the next product that you introduce to the skin, needs to be free of any known skin irritants.

Best Solution- Stop using food and cosmetic products that contain artificial coloring. Check the labels and use common sense. When rinsing off any men’s depilatory cream, use SCRUB Power Wash, it’s a vitamin rich anti-oxidant body wash free of all skin enemies.

3. Fragrance

Research has established that fragrances in skincare products are among the most common cause of sensitizing and other negative skin reactions. Although perfumes and scents are not allergens, they can be irritants and they can trigger allergy like symptoms. 30% of men and women have fragrance sensitivity which has two types of allergy symptoms; respiratory, nose and eye symptoms or a skin allergy like contact dermatitis- an itchy, red rash that appears on the skin after contact with a product that contains perfumes or scents.

Best Solution- Removal of any potential causal agents; otherwise, the skin is at increased risk for chronic or recurrent dermatitis. In other words, try to identify the product with a fragrance and or scent and stop using it. There are alternative natural aroma extracts for example that have no effects on the skin. For immediate relieve, you can use a moisturizing lotion to soothe the skin, but make sure that lotion is also free and clear of any fragrance and or synthetic color.

4. Heat

Hot, humid weather can be the enemy for some men. It can cause a rash when your pores are blocked and can’t release sweat, causing your skin to become irritated. Friction on the surface of the skin often leads to heat rash. … Clothing that traps sweat and thick hair that traps bacteria can cause heat rash.

Best Solution- Again, you can take warm to cool showers daily, apply a moisturizer immediately after your shower to minimize water loss, and apply a hydrating lotion to put water into the skin. If you have excessive body hair, you may want to think of removing it either by waxing or with a men’s depilatory cream. Both remove hair below the skin level allowing the pores and the skin to breath.

5. Aging Skin

We now know testosterone and DHT are major factors that can impede the skins ability to heal and properly hydrate. Men may find it harder in their later years to maintain moisture within their skin. This is especially important in facial skin because many men shave on a regular basis, leading to frequent nicks and cuts. This also applies to men that use razors to remove body hair. This lack of ability to properly hydrate in the later years, can lead to skin irritation.

Best Solution- SmoothTech Pro has developed after care solutions; REDUCE ST2,  PREVENT and our newest arrival due on the market later in 2018, HYDRATE+ a 3 in 1 hydrating lotion that is sweat proof and loaded with anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients. All of these products are designed to assist the skin in its ability to repair itself and protect the integrity of the epidermal barrier. REDUCE ST2 our key after care solution that works on all parts of the body, not only soothes and hydrates the skin, but it also stimulates new collagen (promoting elasticity) It’s designed to bring the skin back to a neutral or natural ph level that equates to healthy skin free of irritation. This is essential for overall skin health especially facial skin in aging men.

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Image result for holiday gluttony free pics

Tis the season to be gluttonous with sodium filled meals and sugary treats, both of which contribute to a horrifying fact we learned just recently: Most Americans on average gain one to three pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, and most of us never lose it.

Wow that’s 3 lbs. of potential weight gain a year and that doesn’t even include the 4th of July, Memorial and Labor Day weekends, which also includes gluttonous food and alcohol.

But don’t fret, we’ve put together some tips to help you better deal with that Christmas ham and candy yams YUMMY right:

Well its possible to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight and without giving up your favorite grub. How you ask? Basic math, its easy, you just need to burn more calories than you take in. By conscientiously burning off every single calorie you take in, you’ll be able to indulge but you’ll have to put in some work. How much work you ask? Below, you’ll find some holiday favorites with their average number of calories, and the amount of exercise required to break even. That’s right if you want to eat like a champ, you’ll need to exercise like one too.

All the Chocolates in Your Kid’s Advent Calendar: 550 calories

The Amount of Exercise Required to Burn It Off: One hour of stair climbing, at 575 calories per hour.

Added benefit: This exercise also helps create great glutes, otherwise known as steel buns.

Santa’s Milk-and-Cookies: 775 calories

The Amount of Exercise Required to Burn It Off: One hour and 45 minutes of aerobics, at 450 calories per hour.

Added benefit: Doing aerobics also strengthens your heart and lungs, so you can comfortably run to the store for more milk and cookies.

A Box of Candy Canes: 900 calories

The Amount of Exercise Required to Burn It Off: One hour of intense treadmill running, at 900 calories per hour.

Added benefit: Running on a treadmill can help lower your blood pressure, which lowers your risk of stroke and heart disease.

Two Helpings of Christmas Dinner: 1,750 calories

The Amount of Exercise Required to Burn It Off: Three and a half hours of stationary bicycling, at 500 calories per hour.

Added benefit: Exercise on a stationary bike, encourages the body to secrete feel-good hormones (like endorphins and serotonin), which induce a state of well-being.

Ten Mixed Drinks at the Office Holiday Party: 1,500 calories

The Amount of Exercise Required to Burn It Off: Three hours of cross-country skiing, at 500 calories per hour.

Added benefit: Using ski poles also strengthens your biceps, triceps and forearms so its good for your drinking arm.

A Carton of Eggnog: 3,450 calories

The Amount of Exercise Required to Burn It Off: Six hours of pickup basketball, at 575 calories per hour.

Added benefit: If you’re into shooting hoops, this exercise will feel more like fun than labor. It’s a full body workout that allows you to sweat out all of the eggnog and alcohol.

Bonus Exercise for any Foods not Mentioned: A bonus exercise, is sex. Yes sex, which can burn up 40 calories per hour. It also prevents wrinkles and is a great way to look and feel younger.

Added benefit: Couples who have sex three or more times a week appear on average 10 years younger than their actual age. This is due to the fact that orgasms trigger the release of estrogen, which improves hair and skin health.

Now that you’re armed with this information, let’s get our eat on lol. Happy Holidays.

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All men are created equal right? Well this is far from true when it comes to the care of men’s skin. Every man’s skin is as unique as his fingerprint. A man’s skin health is shaped not only by his genes, but also by his lifestyle choices. A 20-year-old surfer’s skin is different than a 50 year-old businessman’s skin and will require different targeted products with specific ingredients. Having this knowledge allows us to effectively treat men’s skin.


The male sex hormones known collectively as androgens have an enormous effect on men’s skin. The chief sex hormone of this group is testosterone. Testosterone exerts its effects by acting on androgen receptors found throughout the body. It does this directly, or by being converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a much more potent activator of the androgen receptors. As men age in their early years, levels of testosterone increase, but by middle age, testosterone levels steadily decline every year. This is one of the factors that is accountable for the changes in men’s skin (and hair) during the later years. Testosterone is potent stuff, and we are better understanding the effects it has on men’s skin. This again allows us to effectively formulate the right products that protect and preserve men’s skin, especially middle age skin, which needs more nutrients.


The epidermal barrier is a highly organized tissue that responds efficiently and rapidly to the changing environment in order to maintain a state of homeostasis, or perfect balance. Comprised of a mixture of ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, the lipid bi-layer mediates both trans-epidermal water loss and penetration of foreign materials into the skin. Once the epidermal barrier is disturbed, either by penetration of foreign material or dehydration, signals are sent by the lipids to replenish the lipid barrier system and remove any foreign material. However, studies have shown that testosterone can have negative effects on epidermal barrier function.


We now know testosterone and DHT are major factors that can impede the skins ability to heal and properly hydrate. Studies suggest that some men may not have the ability to properly heal wounds especially in the later years. Other men man find it harder in their later years to maintain moisture within their skin. This is especially important in facial skin because many men shave on a regular basis, leading to frequent nicks and cuts. This also applies to men that use razors to remove body hair. SmoothTech Pro is aware of this which is one of the reasons we developed after care solutions; REDUCE ST2,  PREVENT and our newest arrival due on the market in 2018, HYDRATE+ a 3 in 1 hydrating lotion that is sweat proof and loaded with anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients. All of these products are designed to assist the skin in its ability to repair itself and protect the integrity of the epidermal barrier. REDUCE ST2 our key after care solution that works on all parts of the body, not only soothes and hydrates the skin, but it also stimulates new collagen (promoting elasticity) and helps reduce new regrowth. It is designed to bring the skin back to a neutral or natural ph level that equates to healthy skin. This is essential for overall skin health especially facial skin in aging men.


At SmoothTech Pro, we’re focused on advanced technology for solution driven products. We’re learning the decline in androgens may be responsible for some of the changes associated with aging in men. Loss of muscle tone, bone density, and sexual dysfunction, just to name a few – have all been linked to aging males and decreased testosterone. Aging is a natural process that affects men hormonally. The physical characteristics of aging bodies cannot be solely attributed to one substance like testosterone (again lifestyle choices play a major role as well). Despite the complexities, male hormones, in particular testosterone, govern much of the male physiology and behavior and this powerful chemical remains the crucial component for understanding male skin.

We’re dedicated to developing more anti-aging products that help fight and slow down the effects of aging, so men can look as good as they feel. We can’t do much to help with muscle tone and sexual dysfunction, but we can maintain your skin throughout the ages to slow down the effects. That’s our mission.



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STP COMPARED TO THE BEST OF THE REST (there’s no competition)

What is the difference between Nair for Men and SmoothTech Pro?

Let’s do one better.

Let’s discuss the difference between the 3 leading men’s depilatories:


Nair For Men                           Veet For Men                             Nad’s for Men

The obvious difference is in the title, “For Men” which should tell you that this product was not originally intended for Men’s use. We’ll come back to this in a minute.

Let’s discuss the #1 complaint men have with the current depilatories on the market:

They can cause irritation or worse, chemical burns from the ingredients some of these brands use.

You see the active ingredients used in depilatories are meant to raise the ph level in the hair but these same ingredients can also affect the skin if the levels are too high.

Why is this a problem?

Well, the main cause behind troubled skin, whether it be acne, eczema, wrinkled or dry skin is an out of whack ph level.


Why should this mean anything to you?

1   The health of your body—and skin—is directly linked to maintaining the right balance between acidity and alkalinity.

2  The skin’s barrier, which is known as the acid mantle, is responsible for keeping in lipids and moisture while blocking germs, pollution, toxins, and bacteria. If this barrier is compromised you set yourself up for a lot of issues.

3   So when you remove hair, you expose more of your skin, so it’s important to maintain a natural ph level to ensure healthy skin.

We know this at SmoothTech Pro so we address this issue in each step of our end to end system which ensures that the skin is hydrated before, during and after the hair removal process.

Comparing Just The Removal Products


Our lotion helps protect the skin’s barrier with moisturizing and hydrating properties that are specifically formulated for men’s skin. This helps to maintain a natural ph level during the hair removal process.

We use only natural and naturally derived ingredients and retain lower levels of Potassium Thioglycolate and Calcium Hydroxide (the active ingredients) to ensure the skin’s barrier is not compromised. Because of the special mix our removal lotion performs a bit slower but is much safer than the competition.


There are 3 issues we found with today’s men’s depilatories. Let’s go back to the For Men title. You see years ago beauty companies believed that men’s skin was meant to be rough and rugged, therefore they did not need the important skin care ingredients that are found in the women’s products. Most of the competitors still prescribe to this old way of thinking so the;

1st issue is that the formulations for the Men’s products, are stripped of important skin care ingredients.

2nd issue is the active ingredients Potassium Thioglycolate and ph adjuster Calcium Hydroxide, percentage levels are too high for the average man’s skin, because again they were originally formulated for women.

3rd issue is that some of the competitors elect to use synthetic dyes, chemicals and fragrance all of which are known skin irritants.

The combination of these three factors is what causes the irritation and in some cases chemical burns for some men. These product perform faster because they are designed for rapid breakdown of the keratin but the problem is that these products also throw off men’s ph levels which causes the irritation and burns and ultimately prematurely ages the skin.

Comparing The After Care Products

REDUCE ST2  (Step 2 hair regrowth minimizer) VS NAIR AND VEET


1. All Organic

2. After care solution that immediately soothes and hydrates the skin

  1. 3. Stimulates new collagen

4. Helps slow down new regrowth

5. Helps bring the skin back to a natural hydration level

6 Helps keep skin young and firm with age defying ingredients

  • ALL 3 HAVE NO AFTER CARE PRODUCTS (One of the reason why men breakout after using these products)

Remember whether you shave, wax and use a depilatory, your skin is its most vulnerable right after a hair removal session for the next 72 hours. NOT having an after care solution guarantees that your skin (at the very least) will dry out which can play a role in potentially prematurely aging and damaging it. So to really make things clear to really compare Nair Veet and Nads to our system you’d have to buy a few more products. We hope this clarifies the difference. We’re the first and only end to end system SPECIFICALLY formulated for men’s skin. Smoothtech Pro No competition. Try it now.

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Let’s face it I’ve been pretty lucky with the ladies pretty much my entire life. I literally have may say and my pick when it comes to someone I have interest in. Over the years I noticed that I do 5 things that always make my first dates successful allowing me the choice to set up date #2. I’m going to pass along these 5 tips to put your dating game into high gear.


It’s all about setting the mood and this requires the perfect ambience. Do yourself a favor and research 5 locations that you preferably frequent ahead of time. Why five you ask? Not every date is going to like the same cuisine so you should have choices.

Keys to location:

–          Atmosphere should mirror your lifestyle

–          Must have an X factor, something unique; view, presentation, servers, music the WOW factor.

–          Noise level should be reasonable, can’t be too loud. Remember the first date you really should   be getting to know your date so a loud location would only be a detractor (what was that? Lol). You get the message.


Be the aggressor and take control (in a respectful way). Ask your date, “what do you typically like or more importantly what don’t you like”? Find these two things out and then ask permission to be in charge of the ordering process. Make certain suggestions that you know are winners and have the wow factor. Now a days everyone has a little Foodie in them so if you’re able to introduce some new dishes to your date that you know will become favorites, you will score some major points.

Keys to knowing the menu:

–          Get to know the chef and see if you can modify a signature dish

–          Know the signature dishes and desserts, every chef has their favorites

–          Learn how to pair, it’s so impressive to see your date take complete control over the food, wine, spirits and desserts.


To guarantee that will make a serious impression and get some quality time in, tell your date that you have the day all planned out. Activities, dinner and an after spot. If they agree, this is a big deal as it shows that they are interested enough to carve out a large portion of time for you.

Keys to a great after spot:

–          Again, setting the mood is critical so location is also critical

–          Try something that involves team work, or participation

–          Pick a place where you know the servers or manager to again make a good impression


Today there are a lot more services that are conducive to dating, one being Uber and Lyft. Why worry about parking spots, directions to location, traffic and your driving skills. Leave it up to a driver. It’s impressive, it gives you more quality time with your date and the best advantage is you can drink and be responsible. There’s two ways to play this. If you have a nice car that you want to show off, (Let’s face it our cars are like fishing lures, we use them to hook dates) then you can drive to your dates place and arrange an Uber for the actual outings. On the other hand if you have a bucket, for sure you’re going to want to take an Uber over. Let them get to know the real you and don’t give them ammunition to prejudge you.

Benefits to having an Uber or Lyft:

–          Driver can be an Icebreaker

–          Better one on one conversation

–          No worries about drinking and driving.

–          Possible excuse to stay over to sober up (especially if you drove your car over to their place)


Let me repeat this one, pay for everything. If you invite them out, then do yourself a favor and be the man that they’re looking for and man up on the bill. Make sure you’re not dealing with a gold digger. You can wait for the bill to arrive and see if your date offers to pitch in, but be the hero and proudly say, “I got this” with a big cheesy smile.

Benefits to picking up the tab:

–          Shows confidence and stability

–          Separates you from the crowd

–           Makes them feel secure (dates want to feel secure, that they’re with a winner)

You pull all of this off and I guarantee your chances for a 2nd date will increase by 70%. Other important tips;

–          Fresh hair cut

–          Fresh gear (always over dress for the first date)

–          Groom; no unruly nose, ear back and shoulder hair

–          Trim; beard neck line and the lower regions

–          Car wash and fragrance (if you plan to take your ride)

Also refer to my other post 5 proven ways to make you more attractive. Of course if you’re super wealthy and or have an amazing personality you can toss all these tips out the window. Money and personalities still have their place in the dating world and will always trump my dating tips.

Remember, be yourself, you want them to love you for all of your crazy, not just your normal so don’t be afraid to show all your cards. Well not all, a little mystery is always healthy. Keeps them wanting more. Most of all have fun.

photo credit: celebritymix

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If you’re a man in your 30’s chances are you’ve dabbled in some sort of body hair removal. Maybe it was for sports amateur or professional or maybe it was at the request of your lover? Whatever the reason, let’s just say you’re not alone.

fact, according to a survey by Braun, 62 per cent of men now manscape regularly with those that do saying it makes them feel cleaner, sexier and also enhances their muscles.

A third of men feel that it makes them more popular with the opposite sex or same sex in some cases. The question is what is the best method for your situation? Undecided here are the top 5 best methods pros and cons from an unbiased professional Kassandra Carey of One to One Skin and body and Montage Skin and body, both located in the Los Angeles area.





Waxing removes hair at the root so the results are longer-lasting of all the methods. Typical results will be about 4 to 6 six weeks depending on the individual. Another added benefit is the regrowth from waxing will be finer since it is being removed at the root. This is much better than the blunt end regrowth that’s associated with shaving that can lead to itchy skin and ingrown hair.


Waxing can be painful to some men especially if they do not prepare their skin prior to an appointment. Waxing is better performed by a professional but for men this can be a bit embarrassing and costly. If you go to the wrong esthetician you may find yourself in serious pain.


  • Make sure you select an esthetician that specializes in men’s skin. Men need additional after care products to help eliminate breakouts and irritation.
  • Try to exfoliate 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Wax is better applied to skin that is clean, so make sure you shower prior to your appointment.
  • Although there are plenty of home waxing kits, you’re better off in the hands of a professional.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24hrs and wear loose fitting clothes.
  • Find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session. Your esthetician can recommend a product like Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray or SmoothTech Pro PREVENT.





Laser hair removal also offers a longer lasting solution to unwanted hair. In fact in some case it can be somewhat permanent but unfortunately, that’s not always guaranteed.

Laser works by using a concentrated beam of light aimed at the cells that make hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the follicle enough to inhibit future growth. Lasers can remove hair for anywhere from several months to years.


*Results differ widely and it does have limitations as Laser technology does not work on darker skin tones or lightly colored hair; ginger, some tones of blonde, platinum blonde and grey. **Also many people do not realize that Laser technology only works on active phase of hair growth, so you’ll need several sessions to realize complete removal which can be costly. Individual results vary so there is no real science to guaranteeing how many session you will need to realize complete removal.

**Hair follicles that are in the anagen, or active growth phase, have the largest amount of melanin, or pigment, and can absorb light energy from the laser. However, hair follicles that are in catagen or telogen growth phases are less pigmented.


  • Make sure you do your research.
  • A reputable company should have no problem giving you a thorough consultation to manage your expectation and potential lay out of money.
  • Again, although there are plenty of home devices that use laser technology, you’re better off in the hands of a professional.
  • Be patient, as results will take time.




SmoothTech Pro is a new concept; end to end system that over time offers similar result to waxing without the pain and embarrassment. They achieve this by combining technology from the 3 most effective methods; Waxing, Laser and Depilatories. SmoothTech Pro uses an organic lotion that contains key skin care ingredients important for men’s skin. It also has important after care products to help inhibit regrowth, prevent irritation, breakouts and ingrown hair. This can be used in the privacy of your home or at select salons. It also has a solution for back hair removal the WINGMAN pictured above.


Results vary depending on your hair quality (the thicker the hair the slower the results) Just like laser, REDUCE ST2 only works on the active phase of hair growth so it takes several sessions to realize results. Using the system overall requires some work and again it can take a few sessions to dial the system in to your body type.


  • Make sure you select the kit that applies to your skin and hair situation.
  • If needed you can always schedule a phone consultation with them prior to purchasing.
  • Make sure you use the aftercare products for the 1st 72 hours after a removal session.
  • Be patient as this process takes time to realize all the benefits.
  • Although their products are all natural with no known skin irritants, it’s still recommended to perform a small test patch before using to make sure there are no issues.





The obvious pros for using Nair for Men, Veet for men or Nads for men is that it is easy to use and generally pain free. Simply apply to the area of unwanted hair, wait a few minutes then remove. It’s that simple and effective. Depilatories also removes hair at the root level so results are longer lasting although not as long as waxing.


The popular 3 depilatories are formulated for women’s skin not men, so by using these products, some men can experience a drop in their skin ph levels which can cause irritation or a more severe skin reactions. Also some of these products contain known skin irritants and chemicals which can leave the skin spotty.


  • Do a skin patch test to make sure you’re not sensitive to any of the depilatory ingredients.
  • Make sure to rinse skin thoroughly with cool to lukewarm water afterwards.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24hrs and wear loose fitting clothes.
  • Like waxing, you’ll need to find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session.




The reason why shaving is so popular is because it’s the simplest method of removing hair. Very cost effective, all you need is a razor, shaving cream and that’s it. You can even purchase an electric razor and save even more. Now with the products like mangroomer or bakblade you can even shave your back. Shaving is a great method if you’re trimming an area and is probably still the most recommended method for removing hair in the private genital area. Definitely don’t want to wax, laser or use any creams or lotions.


Shaving doesn’t last long at all and because you’re removing hair at the skin level you leave a blunt end (known as stubble) that can cause itchy skin and ingrown hair. The process of shaving also causes nicks and cuts that can dry and damage skin overtime.


  • If you’re removing unwanted hair, choose a better method. Your skin will thank you in the long run.
  • Shave in the shower to open up your pores and soften hair so it can be removed easier.
  • Minimize the risk of ingrown hair by exfoliating the skin 2x a week.
  • Like waxing, you’ll need to find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session. Products like Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray, SmoothTech Pro PREVENT or Anthony’s Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment.


RECAP: My conclusion is waxing is hands down the best solution for men if you can deal with a little pain and have no problem making appointments. Some estheticians like me make special house visits if that is a concern. Laser is great for only a few men because it has limitation and results vary. My new discovery is SmoothTech Pro which I like because it’s an all-natural system that’s formulated for men’s skin which make it better than the standard depilatory creams which can be an issue if you have sensitive skin. Last I just have to say that shaving is pretty useless unless you’re trimming an area or you’re removing hair in the lower genital regions.

written by: Kassandra Carey

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Men's body hair removal blog.jpeg

Since our original blog “The Art of Men’s Body Hair Removal” was such a success, we decided to elaborate more on the topic. No matter what your removal method of choice; (Shaving, waxing, depilatories or other) here are some more important facts you should know to improve your body hair removal regimen.

SmoothTech Pro has put together a list of facts you may or may not be aware of.  . Whatever your preference happens to be, these key pre and post hair removal tips will improve your body hair removal experience.



No matter if you shave, wax or use a depilatory cream, the effect of removing hair also involves some form of exfoliation. This means the removal of old dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin. Most men have slightly dehydrated skin, so this process tends to dry out the skin even more especially if your method of choice is shaving.

SmoothTech Pro Advice: If you’re going to remove hair we recommend using some sort of moisturizer before and immediately following the removal of hair. Make sure to purify your skin prior to applying a moisturizer. Also make sure that your moisturizer is free of synthetic dyes, fragrance and other known skin enemies as this is the stage where your skin is its most vulnerable.



Your skin is its most vulnerable immediately following a hair removal session. In fact for the first 72 hours (immediately following a hair removal session), it’s important to tend to your skin to prevent or manage irritation, breakouts and other skin issues. The majority of men understand the importance of aftercare for facial hair removal, yet don’t have a post body hair removal routine. Even if you don’t experience any irritation, breakouts and or other skin issues, the effects of the hair removal process is still effecting the quality of your skin. In fact having NO aftercare routine can actually add to your skin’s aging process, especially if you have dehydrated skin. It’s important to stop the premature aging of your skin which will help slow down or eliminate skin issues men typically face.

SmoothTech Pro AdviceDevelop a post body hair removal routine. One great product we recommend is Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil. Initially used for cooking, this product is all natural and is great for hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Another product to consider is REDUCE ST2. This product works with all hair removal methods (shaving, waxing, depilatories and others). It immediately helps heal and hydrate the skin. It also helps stimulate new collage (skin cells) to replenish that exfoliated outermost layer of skin that was removed during the hair removal process. The game changing benefit of REDUCE ST2 is that it also helps inhibit the regrowth process. Hair grows in 3 phases and the ACTIVE hair growth phase is the only phase that can be effected by either laser or clinically proven ingredients found in REDUCE ST2. Unlike laser, REDUCE ST2is safe on all skin tones and all hair colors (laser is not effective on darker skin and light hair).



Shaving is probably the most popular method of removing body hair yet it is completely INEFFECTIVE. Reason is the hair is removed at the skin surface level which means the slightest amount of regrowth is going to result in stubble. You will always achieve longer lasting results by removing hair below the skin. Best below the skin methods are depilatories and waxing. Most depilatories last about a week, and waxing if you can stand the pain, will typically last 2 to 3 weeks.  A longer term solution is laser hair removal but many people do not realize that the electrolysis is only effective on certain phases of hair growth. Hair grows in 3 phases; Anagen (active growth phase), Catagen (transition phase) and Telogen (resting phase) so laser treatment DOES NOT work on the hair in its resting phase. You must have several laser sessions (around 5 to 7) to realize the benefits which can be costly

SmoothTech Pro Advice: We recommend switching to a method that removes hair below the skin like SmoothTech Pro. We developed SmoothTech Pro to have the ease and use of a depilatory combined with the longer results typically achieved via waxing and laser. Like laser, our REDUCE ST2 treats the hair at the root and works by disrupting the chemical connection of the hair womb. Unlike laser, our system works on all skin tones and all hair colors so we have no limitations. It’s the only system that offers pre and post hair removal solutions. For people that have extremely sensitive skin you can use PREVENT as a pre and post hair removal treatment. Use it just prior to your hair removal session to neutralize the skin prior to applying ELIMINATE ST1.  After your hair removal session apply PREVENT to help eliminate ingrown hair immediately after rinsing, drying and applying REDUCE ST2 to soothe reduce and purify skin.



This is probably the most import step to preventing irritation, bumps and ingrown hair, yet for some reason most men do not have a post body hair removal regimen. Just like your facial skin, your body skin is most vulnerable right after a hair removal session, especially if you wax or use a depilatory that exposes your pores. You need to soothe the skin and bring back its natural hydration levels. Some of the key mistakes men unknowingly make are using certain products that contain dyes, fragrances or harsh alcohols on the skin right after hair removal. This can lead to further dehydration of the skin which can lead to irritation, bumps and ingrown hair.

3 Core benefits of having a post hair removal treatment:

  1. Has a soothing effect on the skin.
  2. Can arrest trauma & help skin heal faster.
  3. Hygienic benefits; keeps the skin pores clean & bacteria-free. This helps prevent skin issues including acne

SmoothTech Pro Advice: Rinse after your hair removal session to cool and cleanse the skin, especially if your method is shaving. Shaving can clog the pores which can cause irritation and skin issues. Next use a post hair removal product to health the skin like REDUCE ST2 which also has multiple added benefits; stimulates new collagen, hydrates the skin and helps reduce new regrowth. If you have ultra-sensitive skin and or are prone to ingrown hair, you’ll want to also use an additional tool like PREVENT which is a professional grade tool designed to help eliminate major skin issues from blackheads, ingrown hair and body acne.

Remember, not all skin and hair is created equally, so experiment with different methods that fit your lifestyle. Just remember for long term benefits and the overall look and feel of your skin, shaving (although the most convenient and economical) is NOT the way to go. You’re better off going to an esthetician if you can afford the pain and expense, not to mention any potential embarrassment. Waxing has the best effects (when done by a qualified professional) but there are new solutions like SmoothTech Pro, that can give you salon like results in the privacy and comfort of your home. And the best benefits, its quick easy and pain free.


There’s no time like the NOW. If you’re suffering from dry dehydrated skin or worse, body acne white heads and black heads, the window to correct these issues is NOW.  A lot of these issues can be easily resolved with a few tweaks to your routine and in some cases just the implementation of a routine (some people just don’t like to bathe?).  The 3 most common reason men have skin issues after body hair removal is as follows;

  1. Using the wrong products.- A lot of skin issues are caused by using the wrong products (products that contain ingredients known to be harsh on men’s skin).
  2. No Post hair removal routine.- Not having a post hair removal routine exposes your skin to potential contaminants because your pores are exposed.
  3. Rinsing with hot water- Hot water can diminish your natural oils, drying your skin

SmoothTech Pro Advice: Take a quick rinse with warm water to prep both the hair and your skin right before your hair removal session. If you’re only removing hair from small body parts, you can use a warm moist towel to cover those areas as an alternative to hopping in the shower. Gently dry off the area then proceed to the next step. Make sure it’s warm water not too hot as hot water can strip moisture away from the skin. Next hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Drinking water will also help the skin, your largest organ’s appearance.



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”Somebody once told me the definition of hell: “On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” — Anonymus

Sometimes, to become happy and successful, we do not need to add more things, we need to give up on some.

Even though each one of us has a different definition of success, there are certain things that are universal, which, if you give them up, you will be more successful and happy.


1. Give Up Your Excuses 

“It is not about the cards you are dealt, but how you play the hand.” – Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Successful people know that they are responsible for their life, no matter their starting point, weaknesses, and past failures.

Realizing that you are entirely responsible for what happens next in your life, is both frightening and exciting.

However, it is the only way that you can reach the success because excuses limit and prevent us from growing personally and professionally.

Top 5 Excuses: Money, Time, Age, knowledge, My Story (it’s unique) All of these can be real problems, but they all have real solutions. Don’t let them sabotage your life.

2. Give Up Your Expectations

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”  ― Winston S. Churchill

Some of us can have a fixed mindset of what life is supposed to look like. The herd mentality and auto-pilot are usually tied to the shoulds. These come from our heads, our superego, the parent voice in our heads. Shoulds are by definition expectations imposed by others. When we fail to do them we feel guilty. When we do follow them we often feel driven…and expect a payoff for our efforts: Since I am doing what I really don’t want to do, I do expect others to appreciate, notice, give me a reward, pat me on the head, do what I expect. When the expected payoff doesn’t come, our disappointment and resentment are fueled.

The way out of this mental dance is focusing on musts – heart, gut-based rather than head based. Values, core beliefs, foundation of our integrity. Expectations are a red flag that shoulds are the probable drivers. Expectations forever push you in the future looking 8 moves ahead. There’s you…and you.

Life is what you make it. Embrace the journey and live in the NOW, because tomorrow is never promised and the past is gone.

3. Give Up Toxic People

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

People we spend the most time with, add up to whom we become.

There are less ambitious people, and there are more ambitious people than us. If you spend time with the ones that are less driven than you, your average will go down, and with it your success.

However, if you spend time with people more advanced than you, no matter how challenging that might be, you will be more successful.

Take a look at around yourself, and see if you need to make any changes.

In the perfect world we each should thrive for the following formula in terms of the people we spend our time with.

33% with people you can influence

33% your peers (the level you’re currently at)

33% with Mentors (the level you aspire to be)-   Tai Lopez


4. Give Up the belief that learning ends when you graduate

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”  ― Robert Greene, Mastery

Some people believe that their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits and that talent alone creates success — without effort. They are wrong.

Moreover, successful people know this. They invest an immense amount of time on a daily basis to develop a growth mindset, acquire new knowledge, learn new skills and change their perception so that it can benefit their lives. Times and technology are always changing which means we have to change with the times.

Remember, who you are today, it is not whom you have to be tomorrow.

5. Give Up The Short-term Mindset

YOLO You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West

Successful people set long-term goals, and they know that these aims are merely the result of short-term habits that they need to do every day.

These healthy habits should not be something you do; they should be something YOU ARE.

There is a difference between: “Working out to have a summer body” and “Working out because that is who you are.” As a result you will always have a healthy body, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.


Original content by Zdravko Cvijetić

Founder Of Zero To Skill

Modified by Eric Brooks

Founder of SmoothTech Pro

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5 Mistakes You Should Correct to Improve Your Health



If you’re clueless about how to eat well or stick to a workout routine, don’t fret. Don’t get me wrong it’s important to do both but, even those who think they’re doing all they can to maximize their health get things wrong, often daily. If you really want to be in tip-top shape, watch out for these 5 common mistakes.

1. Low water intake

The standard rule of drinking eight glasses of water per day is probably going overboard, but most people go way too far in the other direction. Only drinking at mealtime just isn’t enough, and this constant state of dehydration can negatively affect your mood, energy, and even your heart. Dehydration can also lead to weight gain because the body’s signals for thirst and hunger are so similar that many confuse one for the other. You could be eating hundreds of calories your body doesn’t need simply because you haven’t been downing enough H2O.

The best strategy for fixing this problem is by always carrying water with you. Invest in a water bottle, or keep a drinking glass at your office. Adding a few slices of citrus fruit or cucumber helps give the beverage a bit more taste, which will encourage you to tank up.

2. Holding it

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in a project that you ignore nature’s call long after you realized you needed to hit the rest room. Holding off on using the restroom can negatively impact your health. According to The Huffington Post Canada, resisting the urge to urinate can cause your bladder to stretch out and encourage bacteria to grow. If things get too bad, these bacteria can cause a kidney infection.

Holding it in from the backside is equally as bad. Allowing excrement to build up in your system leads to constipation and could even affect your ability to go in the future. There’s a reason we call it waste, so get it out of your system.

3. Not enough sleep

Many of us don’t get enough sleep and try to make up the difference by downing a few extra cups of coffee. Though the caffeine can certainly give you a little boost, it’s no substitute for the real thing. Those who regularly find themselves running on little sleep experience an increased risk of depression, cancer, memory loss, and heart disease. The habit could even lead to an early grave.

Aim to get an absolute minimum of six hours every night; eight hours is even better. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule is the best way to make sure you’re able to fall and stay asleep, so try to be as disciplined as you can. That goes for weekends, too. A little sleeping in is fine, but don’t go overboard.

4. Not protecting your skin

If you find you’re only applying sunscreen when you’re on the beach, then you need to remember that the sun can do real damage to your skin in the fall, winter, and spring, too. Everyone knows that sunburns can increase the risk of skin cancer, but those who are not prone to burning are also at risk from the sun’s rays. The Cleveland Clinic explains everyone should wear sunblock with at least 30 SPF, and if it’s not the summertime, then be sure to still apply some to exposed skin before heading outdoors. Remember: Repeated exposure to the sun without protection can cause damage to the skin over time even if you can’t see it. Also make sure you keep your skin hydrated with a great moisturizing lotion and body wash like SCRUB which is all natural.

5. Bad posture

Everyone slouches from time to time, but if you allow your poor posture to continue, it can have real consequences to your health. Livestrong explains slouching can lead to sore muscles in your back, as keeping your back in a rounded position doesn’t offer support to your spine.

You can also unknowingly cause blood vessel or nerve constriction. When you slouch, the pressure around the spine can potentially cut off the blood supply to the cells of the muscles, which can increase your chance of blood clots. Slouching can also cause your spine to curve, which can put pressure on the surrounding nerves and cause a pinched nerve. Do yourself a favor and sit up straight.

Make these 5 corrections and you’ll immediately improve your health.

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Days are getting darker earlier, temperatures are dropping, and snow might be coming your way. Pretty much no matter where you go in America it’s going to be cold. That’s a bad thing, unless you like waking up in a tundra or spending a ridiculous amount on power. There are simple tricks you can implement to ease the pain of a massive power bill, while at the same time keeping your pad warm. If you’re tired of waking up with an icicles in your beard, here are eight SMOOTH Tips for keeping warm this winter.

Opening and Closing Blinds

When it’s sunny out, open your blinds: This is common sense. Use the free heat of the sun to warm your room when you can. Pay attention to the time of day though, because you also need to. Close your blinds when the sun isn’t out. This is the flip side to the common sense tactic above. Don’t let heat escape once you’ve trapped it.

Close Your Doors

Close doors in unused rooms. You’ll stop cold air from flowing through your house and keep warm air where it should be. This works great for when you’re sleeping. The only door you want to leave open is your bathroom door open when you shower.

Create a Sauna in Your Bathroom

Leave your bathroom door open when you shower: You’re paying for the hot water, you might as well make it work double time. Let steam flow around your room or apartment to get a nice sauna going. Also make sure you shower with a body wash free that will hydrate your skin during the dry cold weather like SCRUB.

Use Rugs

If you have hardwood or tile floors use plush rugs to keep heat from escaping through the floor. Not to mention they’re warmer to walk on than bare floor. You can’t describe how terrible a freezing floor is on your feet until it’s too late.

Block Wind Draft from Fireplace

When you aren’t using your fireplace for a nice blaze, plug it up to prevent heat from escaping. It should go without saying that a real, wood burning fire should be had whenever possible.

Space Heater

A small, personal heater won’t warm your whole house, but it will work in your bedroom or living room. They’re much cheaper than messing with your thermostat and this portable heat is easily transferable from floor to floor.

Draft Stoppers

Use draft stoppers on your doors and windows. You can buy draft stoppers to cover the cracks, or you can use blankets and towels. Either way, precious heat looks for those spaces in order to get outside. Don’t let it do that.

Flannel Sheets

Put flannel sheets on your bed. If you’re still using the same sheets from summer there’s a reason you wake up in the middle of the night with a chill. Grab a thick comforter and warm sheets to trap all the body heat you can. If you’re also closing your bedroom door at night, the temperature will be toastier when it’s time to get up. These are just a few SMOOTH tips to keep you warm. Now bundle up!

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