If you’re a man in your 30’s chances are you’ve dabbled in some sort of body hair removal. Maybe it was for sports amateur or professional or maybe it was at the request of your lover? Whatever the reason, let’s just say you’re not alone.

fact, according to a survey by Braun, 62 per cent of men now manscape regularly with those that do saying it makes them feel cleaner, sexier and also enhances their muscles.

A third of men feel that it makes them more popular with the opposite sex or same sex in some cases. The question is what is the best method for your situation? Undecided here are the top 5 best methods pros and cons from an unbiased professional Kassandra Carey of One to One Skin and body and Montage Skin and body, both located in the Los Angeles area.





Waxing removes hair at the root so the results are longer-lasting of all the methods. Typical results will be about 4 to 6 six weeks depending on the individual. Another added benefit is the regrowth from waxing will be finer since it is being removed at the root. This is much better than the blunt end regrowth that’s associated with shaving that can lead to itchy skin and ingrown hair.


Waxing can be painful to some men especially if they do not prepare their skin prior to an appointment. Waxing is better performed by a professional but for men this can be a bit embarrassing and costly. If you go to the wrong esthetician you may find yourself in serious pain.


  • Make sure you select an esthetician that specializes in men’s skin. Men need additional after care products to help eliminate breakouts and irritation.
  • Try to exfoliate 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Wax is better applied to skin that is clean, so make sure you shower prior to your appointment.
  • Although there are plenty of home waxing kits, you’re better off in the hands of a professional.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24hrs and wear loose fitting clothes.
  • Find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session. Your esthetician can recommend a product like Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray or SmoothTech Pro PREVENT.





Laser hair removal also offers a longer lasting solution to unwanted hair. In fact in some case it can be somewhat permanent but unfortunately, that’s not always guaranteed.

Laser works by using a concentrated beam of light aimed at the cells that make hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the follicle enough to inhibit future growth. Lasers can remove hair for anywhere from several months to years.


*Results differ widely and it does have limitations as Laser technology does not work on darker skin tones or lightly colored hair; ginger, some tones of blonde, platinum blonde and grey. **Also many people do not realize that Laser technology only works on active phase of hair growth, so you’ll need several sessions to realize complete removal which can be costly. Individual results vary so there is no real science to guaranteeing how many session you will need to realize complete removal.

**Hair follicles that are in the anagen, or active growth phase, have the largest amount of melanin, or pigment, and can absorb light energy from the laser. However, hair follicles that are in catagen or telogen growth phases are less pigmented.


  • Make sure you do your research.
  • A reputable company should have no problem giving you a thorough consultation to manage your expectation and potential lay out of money.
  • Again, although there are plenty of home devices that use laser technology, you’re better off in the hands of a professional.
  • Be patient, as results will take time.




SmoothTech Pro is a new concept; end to end system that over time offers similar result to waxing without the pain and embarrassment. They achieve this by combining technology from the 3 most effective methods; Waxing, Laser and Depilatories. SmoothTech Pro uses an organic lotion that contains key skin care ingredients important for men’s skin. It also has important after care products to help inhibit regrowth, prevent irritation, breakouts and ingrown hair. This can be used in the privacy of your home or at select salons. It also has a solution for back hair removal the WINGMAN pictured above.


Results vary depending on your hair quality (the thicker the hair the slower the results) Just like laser, REDUCE ST2 only works on the active phase of hair growth so it takes several sessions to realize results. Using the system overall requires some work and again it can take a few sessions to dial the system in to your body type.


  • Make sure you select the kit that applies to your skin and hair situation.
  • If needed you can always schedule a phone consultation with them prior to purchasing.
  • Make sure you use the aftercare products for the 1st 72 hours after a removal session.
  • Be patient as this process takes time to realize all the benefits.
  • Although their products are all natural with no known skin irritants, it’s still recommended to perform a small test patch before using to make sure there are no issues.





The obvious pros for using Nair for Men, Veet for men or Nads for men is that it is easy to use and generally pain free. Simply apply to the area of unwanted hair, wait a few minutes then remove. It’s that simple and effective. Depilatories also removes hair at the root level so results are longer lasting although not as long as waxing.


The popular 3 depilatories are formulated for women’s skin not men, so by using these products, some men can experience a drop in their skin ph levels which can cause irritation or a more severe skin reactions. Also some of these products contain known skin irritants and chemicals which can leave the skin spotty.


  • Do a skin patch test to make sure you’re not sensitive to any of the depilatory ingredients.
  • Make sure to rinse skin thoroughly with cool to lukewarm water afterwards.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24hrs and wear loose fitting clothes.
  • Like waxing, you’ll need to find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session.




The reason why shaving is so popular is because it’s the simplest method of removing hair. Very cost effective, all you need is a razor, shaving cream and that’s it. You can even purchase an electric razor and save even more. Now with the products like mangroomer or bakblade you can even shave your back. Shaving is a great method if you’re trimming an area and is probably still the most recommended method for removing hair in the private genital area. Definitely don’t want to wax, laser or use any creams or lotions.


Shaving doesn’t last long at all and because you’re removing hair at the skin level you leave a blunt end (known as stubble) that can cause itchy skin and ingrown hair. The process of shaving also causes nicks and cuts that can dry and damage skin overtime.


  • If you’re removing unwanted hair, choose a better method. Your skin will thank you in the long run.
  • Shave in the shower to open up your pores and soften hair so it can be removed easier.
  • Minimize the risk of ingrown hair by exfoliating the skin 2x a week.
  • Like waxing, you’ll need to find an after care product to help prevent breakouts that typically form within 1 to 3 day after a session. Products like Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray, SmoothTech Pro PREVENT or Anthony’s Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment.


RECAP: My conclusion is waxing is hands down the best solution for men if you can deal with a little pain and have no problem making appointments. Some estheticians like me make special house visits if that is a concern. Laser is great for only a few men because it has limitation and results vary. My new discovery is SmoothTech Pro which I like because it’s an all-natural system that’s formulated for men’s skin which make it better than the standard depilatory creams which can be an issue if you have sensitive skin. Last I just have to say that shaving is pretty useless unless you’re trimming an area or you’re removing hair in the lower genital regions.

written by: Kassandra Carey

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