Days are getting darker earlier, temperatures are dropping, and snow might be coming your way. Pretty much no matter where you go in America it’s going to be cold. That’s a bad thing, unless you like waking up in a tundra or spending a ridiculous amount on power. There are simple tricks you can implement to ease the pain of a massive power bill, while at the same time keeping your pad warm. If you’re tired of waking up with an icicles in your beard, here are eight SMOOTH Tips for keeping warm this winter.

Opening and Closing Blinds

When it’s sunny out, open your blinds: This is common sense. Use the free heat of the sun to warm your room when you can. Pay attention to the time of day though, because you also need to. Close your blinds when the sun isn’t out. This is the flip side to the common sense tactic above. Don’t let heat escape once you’ve trapped it.

Close Your Doors

Close doors in unused rooms. You’ll stop cold air from flowing through your house and keep warm air where it should be. This works great for when you’re sleeping. The only door you want to leave open is your bathroom door open when you shower.

Create a Sauna in Your Bathroom

Leave your bathroom door open when you shower: You’re paying for the hot water, you might as well make it work double time. Let steam flow around your room or apartment to get a nice sauna going. Also make sure you shower with a body wash free that will hydrate your skin during the dry cold weather like SCRUB.

Use Rugs

If you have hardwood or tile floors use plush rugs to keep heat from escaping through the floor. Not to mention they’re warmer to walk on than bare floor. You can’t describe how terrible a freezing floor is on your feet until it’s too late.

Block Wind Draft from Fireplace

When you aren’t using your fireplace for a nice blaze, plug it up to prevent heat from escaping. It should go without saying that a real, wood burning fire should be had whenever possible.

Space Heater

A small, personal heater won’t warm your whole house, but it will work in your bedroom or living room. They’re much cheaper than messing with your thermostat and this portable heat is easily transferable from floor to floor.

Draft Stoppers

Use draft stoppers on your doors and windows. You can buy draft stoppers to cover the cracks, or you can use blankets and towels. Either way, precious heat looks for those spaces in order to get outside. Don’t let it do that.

Flannel Sheets

Put flannel sheets on your bed. If you’re still using the same sheets from summer there’s a reason you wake up in the middle of the night with a chill. Grab a thick comforter and warm sheets to trap all the body heat you can. If you’re also closing your bedroom door at night, the temperature will be toastier when it’s time to get up. These are just a few SMOOTH tips to keep you warm. Now bundle up!

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